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The initiatives and programs of the Department, a statewide school district comprised of 15 complex areas and 256 schools, are coordinated by a series of state-level teams and leaders who are focused on hitting the Strategic Plan’s goals. Each of the 15 complex areas is comprised of two to four school complexes, consisting of a high school and the elementary and middle/intermediate schools that feed into it.



The Department's Budget Department's BudgetLearn about the Operating and Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budgets for our schools.
Leadership Profiles and Staff Profiles and StaffMeet the team charged with readying Hawaii public school students for college and careers.
Standards of Practice of PracticeOfficial guidance for the administration and operational management of the school system.
Mission we are, what our goals are for the students with whom we are entrusted.
School Facilities FacilitiesAn innovative initiative to upgrade and plan for schools' facilities needs is under way.
Offices and Branches and BranchesFrom curriculum branches to human resources to school programs and services, find it here.
Our Schools SchoolsKey academic and support services to increase post-secondary readiness for all students.
Board of Education of EducationThe Board formulates policy that promotes excellence and equity in Hawaii public schools.

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