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Adult Education EducationThe Adult Education Program offers a variety of courses for adult learners including basic education, English literacy and civics. It also offers degrees including the GED and Competency-Based Diploma. The adult schools also coordinate the Department's substitute teacher course.
Substitute teachers teachersThe Department will consider anyone with a bachelor's degree for substitute teaching positions, but first priority will be given to candidates who also complete the State-Approved Teacher Education program, a full teacher-training program that includes student teaching in a Grade K-12 setting.
Kupono Diploma DiplomaIn recognition of the contributions and sacrificies of war veterans and internees, the state of Hawaii grants honorary diplomas through the Kupono Diploma Program.
Program requirements for Competency-Based diploma requirements for Competency-Based diplomaIn order to fulfill the requirements for successful completion of the Competency-Based Community School Diploma Program, a student must complete two phases of the program — Academic and Career Options.
Licensed vocational schools vocational schoolsThe Hawaii State Department of Education is now accepting initial and renewal applications for the 2017-2019 licensing period. Applications are due July 1, 2017 to OCISS, 475 22nd Avenue, Room 209, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816, Attn: PTVT Licensing. Questions can be e-mailed to Below is a list of licensed schools.
Community School Diploma FAQs School Diploma FAQsAll enrolled students seeking a diploma from the Community Schools for Adults (CSA) who complete the graduation requirements, via General Education Development (GED) and Competency-Based Community School Diploma Program (CB), will receive a Hawaii Adult Community School Diploma.
Substitute teacher reporting system teacher reporting systemThe Department uses a digital accounting system — The Teacher-Substitute Employee Automated System (TSEAS) — for schools to report, update and/or cancel teacher absences, which send automatic notifications to registered substitutes to alert them of work opportunities.
Highly Qualified substitute teachers Qualified substitute teachersAlthough short-term substitute teachers are not required to meet the Highly Qualified (HQ) requirements, the US Department of Education strongly recommends that long-term substitutes be Highly Qualified for the core academic classes to which they are assigned.

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