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Power of Attorney of AttorneyHawaii and U.S. military law govern how a parent or guardian of a minor may use power of attorney to delegate to another person (within designated constraints) any power regarding the care, custody, or property of the minor or ward.
Parents reminded to enroll children in kindergarten early for upcoming school year reminded to enroll children in kindergarten early for upcoming school yearIn preparation for the start of the 2018-19 public school year on August 6, HIDOE reminds parents to plan ahead and enroll their children in kindergarten early. Kindergarten is mandatory in the State of Hawaii.
7th grade physical exam grade physical examBeginning with school year 2017-18, all 7th graders must complete a physical examination within one year prior to entering the 7th grade.
Geographic exception process FAQs exception process FAQsCommon questions about the geographic exception process at our schools. Updated February 2015.
Public school enrollment increases for most grades school enrollment increases for most gradesThe combined enrollment for grades 1-12 continues to grow, with 823 more students in 2014-15, compared to the previous school year. However, as expected, a change in the kindergarten entry age causes overall enrollment to drop.
Guidelines set for third-person promotions in schools set for third-person promotions in schoolsHONOLULU – The growing number of promotional brochures and flyers being issued and distributed on public school campuses has prompted a new set of guidelines by the Department.
Lehua Elementary named 'Lighthouse School''Lighthouse-School'.aspxLehua Elementary named 'Lighthouse School'Lehua's designation follows a rigorous three-year certification of integrating leadership across nine areas. It is the first school in Hawaii to earn the label, and the 45th in the world.
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Resources for homeless families for homeless familiesFamilies who find themselves grappling with homelessness have rights under the McKinney-Vento Act to ensure their children continue uninterrupted access to education and services.
Geographic exceptions exceptionsUnder Hawaii laws, all persons attending public school are required to attend the school in the geographic area in which they reside. However, permission to attend another school may be granted by the Department. The attached flowchart explains the process for parents and guardians to follow. A review of a denied application can be requested with the attached form.
How to Enroll to EnrollStudents enrolling in our public schools must have documentation proving they are residents of the state, their health records and, if necessary, documents from their previous school and other legal documents. Resources and opt-outs exist for students in exceptional circumstances. The necessary information is detailed here.
Choosing a School a SchoolPublic school students normally attend the school in the area where they live. Use our SchoolSite Locator tool to explore district boundaries for your neighborhood. Students who need to attend a school outside of their area may request a geographic exception (GE).

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