Teacher/Student access to Origo math games

As part of the Hawaii State Department of Education's use of Stepping Stones curriculum for K-5 mathematics, access for teachers and students has been granted free access to Origo Education's Fundamentals channel, which includes online math games.


Schools with active teacher licenses for Stepping Stones have the opportunity to allow students direct and free access to Fundamentals K-5 math games and Zupelz Puzzles that students can play via origoslate.com.​

If you have your logon credentials, you can access these games via the link above. The Hawai‘i DOE account also enables access through a multiple user portal which can be accessed via the button below.

Teachers can also use SlateCast to share and pause games among students off of any internet-ready smart device. Instructions available here: https://www.origoeducation.com.au/wp-content/uploads/SlateCast_Guide.pdf.

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