Alumni and Transcripts

Welcome, alumni! Staying connected to your high school ohana (or even middle and elementary school) is important in the Islands. Many alumni are keeping in touch via social networks and Parent-Community Networking Centers at their alma maters.

​​​​​​​​​Public school foundations

Several public schools have established foundations to help focus alumni interest and contributions toward school projects and scholarships. Notable clubs include:

Getting transcripts from public schools

  • Contact the last school you attended in Hawaii. The school may ask you to fill out its own customized request form. Ask the school what it will charge for the transcript and how payment is to be made.
  • Provide your name, birthdate, last grade level attended at the school and the year last attended. If married, give maiden name. Also, provide any former names or spelling variations of your name.
  • "Student copy" will be indicated on the transcript if it being sent to an address that is not a bonafide educational institution.

Getting a transcript for a GED

Mail your request with the following information to the test center where you received your General Education Dipl​oma. Tests are administered at the Department’s Community Schools​.

  • Legal name and/or name as it appears on your records.
  • Address where transcript is to be sent.
  • Reason for request.
  • Site or school name where test was taken.
  • Approximate year of completion.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Social Security number (this additional information will help in the search).
  • Requestor's signature that authorizes the release of private information.​

GED Verification Requests
GED Verification Requests made by verification vendors can be sent to the respective Community School that the individual attended.



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