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Substitute teacher reporting system

The Department uses a digital accounting system — The Teacher-Substitute Employee Automated System (TSEAS) — for schools to report, update and/or cancel teacher absences, which send automatic notifications to registered substitutes to alert them of work opportunities.

​​​​​​​​​SmartFindExpress system​​​​

The SmartFindExpress system can be accessed:

  1. Input your 8-digit Employee ID number, which is located on your Notification of Personnel Action (SF5 A1).
  2. Input your existing PIN/Password from the old TSEAS registration system.

Employee ID: Substitutes can find their 8-digit Employee ID on their Notification of Personnel Action (SF5 A1). Substitutes get this form when a school has ​​added them to their Preferred List. Please see ​"Application Process" on our main substitute teaching page​ for details.

Common questions

Q. What's my Employee ID?
A. For Teachers, you can find your employee ID in Lotus Notes or on your Notification of Personnel Action Form (Form 5).

To find your Employee ID in Lotus Notes:
  1. Go to the “HIDOE Address Book” in Lotus Notes
  2. Search for your name
  3. Double click on your name to open your profile
  4. Under the “Basics” tab look for “Short Name/User ID”. The number next to that is your employee ID.
For Substitutes, you can find your employee ID on your Notification of Personnel Action Form (SF5 A1).
Q. What is my PIN/password in the new TSEAS system?
A. Your PIN/password is the same PIN/password that you used in the old TSEAS system. If you do not remember what your PIN/password was, please call the TSEAS Help Desk.
Q. Why can’t I login after my PIN/password has been reset?
A. After your PIN/password has been reset by the TSEAS office, you must first register by calling into the new TSEAS system (1-877-403-2511) and change your PIN/password before the system will allow you to login.

When asked for your access ID, enter your 8-digit employee ID followed by the star (*) key. When prompted for your PIN, enter your 8-digit employee ID followed by the star (*) key. You will be prompted to change your PIN. The PIN needs to be at least 6-digits but no more than 9-digits.

Please make sure you press the star (*) key instead of the pound (#) key and are NOT using the speaker feature on your telephone/cell phone.
Q. Why can’t I accept substitute jobs over the phone?
A. Substitutes can accept jobs over the phone. Please be sure to say “hello”, when you answer the phone so that the system knows you have answered the phone.
Q. What if I don’t remember my employee ID when the system calls me?
A. When the system calls you, enter the star (*) key to allow for more time to enter your Access ID and PIN. Please ensure that you keep your employee ID and PIN readily available during system call out times.

Need assistance?

If you experience any problems, please contact the T-SEAS Help Desk:

​​School staff resources​

Additional information for school staff can be found on the DOE Intranet (login required).

Contact Information

TSEAS Help Desk

Phone: 808-441-8400

Email: help.tseas@k12.hi.us

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