Educational Officer Job Classifications

The Office of Talent Management Personnel Management Branch's Classification and Compensation Section is responsible for administering the Department of Education's classification and compensation system. The classification specifications outline the primary functions of a specific class, including the duties and responsibilities, level of difficulty, knowledge skills, and abilities necessary to perform the work.


​Class Title Parts 1 & 2:
Descriptions & Requirements
BU Last Revision Date
CSA Principal
CSA Vice PrincipalVIEW
Vice Principal
​School Athletic Director


​​​Code​ ​Class Title Parts 1 & 2:
Descriptions & Requirements
Pay Grade BU Last Revision Date
56309Accounting Director VIEWSR10562001-Jan-01
56337Accounting Operations Specialist III VIEWSR0862001-Jan-01
56817Athletics Administrative Officer, Oahu Districts VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56367Auxiliary Services Specialist III VIEWSR0862001-Jan-01
56199Budget Director VIEWSR10562001-Jan-01
56197Budget Specialist III VIEWSR08562001-Jan-01
56136Business-Education Partnership Specialist II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56346CIP Planner II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56347CIP Planner III VIEWSR0862001-Jan-01
56813Complex Area Personnel Specialist I VIEWSR06562010-Sept-01
56406Data Processing Specialist II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56407Data Processing Specialist III VIEWSR0862001-Jan-01
56575District Educational Specialist II VI​EWSR0762001-Jan-01
56526Educational Specialist II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56519Educational Director VIEWSR1062001-Jan-01
56186Evaluation Specialist II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56187Evaluation Specialist III VIEWSR0862001-Jan-01
56349Facilities Director VIEWSR1062001-Jan-01
56356Facilities Planner II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56357Facilities Planner III VIEWSR0862001-Jan-01
56316Fiscal Specialist II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56317Fiscal Specialist III VIEWSR0862001-Jan-01
56376Information Specialist II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56409Information Systems Services Director VIEWSR10562001-Jan-01
56719Personnel Director VIEWSR10562001-Jan-01
56716Personnel Specialist II VIEWSR07562001-Jan-01
56717Personnel Specialist III VIEWSR08562001-Jan-01​
56328Procurement and Contracts Director VIEWSR10562001-Jan-01
56396Reprographic Specialist II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56397Reprographic Specialist III VIEWSR0862001-Jan-01
56306Safety And Security Specialist II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56546School Library Services Specialist II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56547School Library Services Specialist III VIEWSR0862001-Jan-01
56176Special Programs Management Specialist II VIEWSR0762001-Jan-01
56536Vocational/Technical Education Specialist II VIE​WSR0762001-Jan-01