Parent opt-out for child

Before engaging in any lesson or activity that may touch upon potentially controversial matters, teachers must discuss the potentially controversial matters with his or her principal to determine whether a letter concerning a potential controversial topic should be sent out to parents or legal guardians. Parents and legal guardians are afforded the opportunity to opt-out their children from such lessons.

​​​​​Board of Education Policy 101.13

Student discussion of issues which generate opposing points of view shall be considered a normal part of the learning process in every area of the school program. The depth of the discussion shall be determined by the maturity of the students.

Teachers shall refer students to resources reflecting all points of view. Discussions, including contributions made by the teacher or resource person, shall be maintained on an objective, factual basis. Stress shall be placed on learning how to make judgments based on facts.

Opt-out process

Instructional staff or administration will notify parents or legal guardians of controversial issues that will be discussed in the classroom or through other school activities. This notification may be done through a general letter about the lesson or activity. Parents or legal guardians may also, on their own volition, write a letter to the school administrators or a teacher to have their child excluded from a specific lesson or activity. If such a letter is received, the student must be provided with an alternative learning activity. The parents or legal guardians have an obligation to notify the school administrator or teacher prior to the lesson or activity.

If parents and legal guardians receive notification from instructional staff or administration of controversial issues to be discussed in the classroom or through other school activities, that noti​fication will include an area for the parent/legal guardian to sign in order to exclude their child from the event, instruction or activity. This signed opt-out must be sent even if the parent/legal guardian had previously written a letter to exclude the student from a specific lesson or activity.


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