Superintendent's performance rating 'exceeds expectations' for second consecutive year


Schools Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi notes that student achievement is a top priority as her annual evaluation is released.

​​​​​HONOLULU – The Hawaii Board of Education (BOE) released its annual evaluation of Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) Schools Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi and has given her an overall rating of "Exceeds Expectations."  The BOE agreed that improvement in student achievement is critical and still remains the highest priority for the Department.

Matayoshi received the same performance rating last year. She received the highest rating of "Exceptional" in 2013. The BOE evaluation of the superintendent is based on her overall management abilities and attainment of performance objectives and program accomplishments.

"As the new chairman of the BOE, I look forward to working with the superintendent on ways to help our students advance in the face of an ever-changing world and increasing the level of empowerment of our teachers and administrators," said BOE Chairman Lance Mizumoto.

BOE evaluation components:

  • Overall rating: Exceeds Expectations
  • Overall Management Abilities: Exceeds Expectations
  • Performance Objectives and Program Accomplishments: Fully Meets Expectations
    • 1st Objective – Closing the achievement gap: Inadequate Progress Made
    • 2nd Objective – Sustaining community school system: Satisfactory Progress
    • 3rd Objective – Elevate leadership development: Substantial Completion

"We fully understand that student success must climb," stated Matayoshi. "It has taken a lot of focused effort at all levels in our Department to implement systemic change across the system in the last couple of years, from standards and assessments to differentiated teacher and school supports. I appreciate the Board's acknowledgement of the progress being made. The Board's rating is not only reassuring but a testament to our employees, students, and families who work hard every day in reaching targets for the success of schools and our public school students."

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