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COVID-19 Flowflex Self-Tests

In addition to on-campus testing opportunities, the HIDOE announced in late March 2022 that it will be providing a total of 750,000 COVID-19 Self-Tests for students and staff in partnership with the DOH. These over-the-counter kits will be made available to requesting students and staff who are not feeling well, have recently traveled, or have been deemed as close contacts.

​COVID-19 self-test orders have been received from most schools and offices. Distribution is ongoing and will continue depending on the availability of materials.

Self-tests should be used for their intended purpose – to identify COVID-19 cases and prevent transmission. It is important to stay home when sick.

The following materials have been provided to assist with the use of self-tests:

Families may choose to fill out an opt-out form to their school if they are not interested in receiving the self-test kits.

For more information and assistance:

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