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This resource page provides updates to the public on confirmed COVID-19 cases in the HIDOE system.

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As of July 7, 2021, Hawaii law requires the Hawaii State Department of Education to publicly post case information each week that includes school names; date the COVID-19 positive test was reported to the school; and the date that the positively tested student, staff, or affiliated individual was last on a school campus.

The interactive dashboard below was created by the Data Governance and Analysis Branch. It displays confirmed COVID-19 case data at the Department's 258 schools. Case counts are visually displayed by date reported and as a cumulative running total of cases since July 1, 2021. 

As of August 3, 2022, the Department’s COVID dashboard will be updated every Wednesday by 4pm. The weekly update will continue to reflect a breakdown of reported confirmed COVID-19 cases by date reported and by school. Reported cases that still require confirmation or processing will not be included in the total. 

Cases confirmed after the final weekly counts are calculated will be included in a daily update the following week; therefore, some of the confirmation dates may fall outside of the period noted above.

The Department’s case count should not be used to determine community spread or sources of an outbreak or cluster. It is informal data based on information provided to HIDOE’s COVID-19 Core Response Team by individuals, parents, campus visitors and service providers. The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) remains the lead agency on reporting official data and case counts. 

Public disclosure is done in accordance with federal and state laws protecting student and staff privacy and medical information. Policy considerations are in place to protect the identity of individuals including protecting minors from being physically ostracized or psychologically harmed by being identified and minimizing disruptions at schools. Schools promptly notify affected individuals directly — staff, families and/or service providers — about positive (or in some cases potentially positive) cases as appropriate. 

In some situations, cases are reported to the Department by an individual, pending documentation of the positive result. This does not stop HIDOE's response, and notification may go out to the school community out of an abundance of caution before the confirmation is received. Cases currently being investigated are not included in the count and will be reported in the following weeks when the Department receives one of three official documentation options: lab results, doctor’s note or DOH confirmation. 

In some cases, cleaning was handled at the school level after determining that professional cleaning and disinfection was not warranted. This included cases where affected individuals were on campus briefly, their interactions with others occurred outside, or the impacted area(s) could be closed off for an extended period of time.