Fund to cool classrooms gets $25,000 boost


Hawaii 3R's received a generous $25,000 donation from the Central Pacific Bank Foundation to help cool classrooms following a call to action by the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii.

​​​​​​HONOLULU – The Central Pacific Bank (CPB) Foundation today presented a $25,000 check to Hawaii 3R's in strong support for the effort to help the Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) cool classrooms. In response to a call to action from the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii (CoC) to help Hawaii's schools, CPB Foundation made the donation to encourage members to make similar contributions.

"I want to thank Central Pacific Bank Foundation for answering the call to help our schools that are in need of funds to provide heat-relief to students," said Sherry Menor-McNamara, CoC-Hawaii President & Chief Executive Officer. "We encourage others to give to this cause."

Central Pacific Bank Foundation President, Denis Isono added, "we are encouraged by what is being done to help cool classrooms for our keiki and we are very happy to be a part of this effort."

The check presentation was made at Ilima Intermediate School in Ewa, where classroom temperatures in that complex area have been uncomfortably hot. Ilima Intermediate is second on the HIDOE AC Priority List. Ewa Beach Elementary, which is currently undergoing an electrical upgrade, is number one, and Campbell High is third on the list. HIDOE recently requested an exemption to state procurement rules to make an emergency purchase of up to 250 portable AC units to place in high priority classrooms for heat-relief.

Schools Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi and Dann Carlson, Assistant Superintendent, Office of School Facilities and Support Services, were on hand to accept the check with Hawaii 3R's representative Edmund Aczon.

"We're very grateful to the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii and CPB Foundation for their support," said Matayoshi. "This has been a challenging time for our students and staff and we are working as fast as we can within our means to bring relief to our classrooms."

Matayoshi also thanked members of the public who have made fan donations directly to schools.

Ilima Intermediate Principal Chris Bonilla said, "It means a lot to have community support and the fan donations to our school. We know that our current infrastructure needs an upgrade so in the meantime, these fans and portable ACs do make a difference."

The Department is working with the Legislature to fast-track air conditioning projects and other heat-relief initiatives via its Heat Abatement Program. Earlier this month, Hawaii 3R's partnered with HIDOE to raise funds towards cooling classrooms. Hawaii 3R's is a local nonprofit organization aimed to Repair, Remodel, Restore Hawaii's public schools.

More information about the Department's Heat Abatement Program can be viewed here:


About Central Pacific Bank Foundation
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About the Hawaii State Department of Education
The Hawaii State Department of Education is the ninth-largest U.S. school district and the only statewide educational system in the country.  It is comprised of 256 schools and 34 charter schools, and serves more than 180,000 students.  King Kamehameha III established Hawaii's public school system in 1840. 

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