Guidelines set for third-person promotions in schools


HONOLULU – The growing number of promotional brochures and flyers being issued and distributed on public school campuses has prompted a new set of guidelines by the Department.

​​​​​​​​​​The guidelines restrict the dissemination of school-approved third-party marketing, advertising and/or promotional materials to the following distribution methods:

  • Posting on a school’s community bulletin board.
  • Placing the brochures in a magazine rack display.
  • Leaving a stack of registration forms at a side counter or table in the school front office. 

These guidelines do not apply to programs or activities that the Department or the school has affirmatively endorsed or sponsored, including programs or activities conducted by county agencies or federal agencies. School resources, staff and teacher time while on campus should remain dedicated to students. This principle is consistent with the State’s Ethics Code that bars use of public school supplies, equipment, or instructional time to promote private business purposes. The Department is particularly sensitive to any elements that may distract students on campus or in their classrooms.

The Department recognizes that some parents may want information about enrichment activities for their children such as private tutoring, music lessons or sports camps. These types of promotional materials may be displayed in a designated area at the school. The school may also refuse to display any material that is deemed inappropriate, offensive or promote illegal activity.

The Department remains committed to ensuring that school campuses are healthy learning environments for students and staff.

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