Hawaii schools make notable improvements in annual Strive HI performance system update


2015-16 Strive HI Performance System results show progress in Statewide averages in several key metrics including: a three point increase in the number of schools meeting English Language Arts/Literacy standards, a one point increase meeting Mathematics standards and a two point increase meeting Science proficiency.

​​​HONOLULU – The Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) on Tuesday evening announced increases in the number of high performing public schools and public charter schools (PCS).  The 2015-16 Strive HI Performance System​ results show progress in Statewide averages in several key metrics including: a three point increase in the number of schools meeting English Language Arts/Literacy standards, a one point increase meeting Mathematics standards and a two point increase meeting Science proficiency.

"Since the adoption of our Strive HI accountability system three years ago to meet the needs of our students, schools continue to make strategic improvements toward positive growth in a number of areas," said Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi.  "Combined with recent improvements in scores from Smarter Balanced assessments, ACT college preparation tests and Advanced Placement (AP) exams, we're seeing alignment and forward movement on all fronts. We will be taking a close look at our highest achieving schools and determine best practices that can be implemented in schools that need supports."

Launched in school year 2012-13, Strive HI is Hawaii's locally designed performance system that is a waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law. Strive HI includes multiple measures of school performance, an important departure from NCLB which focused almost exclusively on reading and math test scores and imposed consequences for schools that fell short of proficiency targets which reached 100 percent in 2014. Strive HI measures school performance and progress, and tailors supports and interventions for improvement. Its more expansive definition of school performance (along with meeting mathematics and English language arts/literacy standards) includes science proficiency, four- and five-year graduation rates, college enrollment, student achievement growth, chronic absenteeism, and more.

Strive HI information is presented to be accountable to the public, provide information for families and community, provide information to schools on progress and to inform planning, used by the Public Charter School Commission to determine whether schools are making progress required by their charter school performance contracts, and to meet reporting requirements for the U.S. Department of Education, State of Hawaii, and Board of Education.  Planning about the future of Strive HI is underway as part of the state's planning for the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) which replaces both No Child Left Behind and the state's waiver from NCLB; ESSA requires full implementation including the provisions related to school accountability in the 2017-18 school year which begins on August 7, 2017 for HIDOE.

Click here to view the 2015-16 State Snapshot of Strive HI Indicators.

Below are lists of top performers across indicators in the Strive HI System.  Results for schools with small student populations are suppressed to protect student privacy.

​Highest Achieving Schools in Meeting English Language Arts/Literacy Standards
Statewide: 51%

Kaelepulu El
Waikiki El84%
Momilani El83%
Mililani Ike El82%
Lanikai El81%
Mililani Mauka El80%
Malama Honua80%
Pauoa El78%
de Silva El78%
Liholiho El78%
Noelani El78%
Koko Head El78%
Wilson El77%
Mililani Uka El77%
Moanalua Mid76%
Manoa El76%
Hickam El76%
Nuuanu El76%


Highest Achieving Schools in Meeting Mathematics Standards
Statewide: 42%

Waikiki El84%
Momilani El84%
Kaelepulu El83%
Noelani El81%
Lanikai El80%
Mililani Mauka El78%
Mililani Ike El77%
Wilson El75%
Palisades El74%
Mililani Uka El74%
Pearl Ridge El73%
Malama Honua73%
Pearl City Highlands El73%
Pearl City El72%
Koko Head El72%
Pauoa El72%
Kahala El71%
Nuuanu El71%
Hickam El71%


Highest Achieving Schools in Meeting Science Standards
Statewide: 43%

Kaelepulu El100%
Waikiki El97%
Haleiwa El96%
Maunawili El95%
Noelani El89%
Manoa El88%
Aliiolani El87%
Kahala El87%
Waiau El87%
Hokulani El87%
Kailua El86%
Kamalii El86%
Pearl City Highlands El86%
Mililani Ike El85%
Kamiloiki El85%
Hahaione El85%
Mililani Mauka El85%
Hickam El85%


Highest Achieving Schools in English Language Arts/Literacy Growth
State median: 50

Ke Kula o Samuel M. Kamakau79
Pauoa El78.5
Ke Kula Niihau o Kekaha72
Haaheo El72
Roosevelt High71
Kaala El71
Kapalama El71
Kapiolani El68
Kalihi­uka El68
Hookena El 68
Kamehameha III El68
Moanalua Mid68
Aiea High68
Pearl City El67.5
de Silva El67
Kamalii El66.5
Pearl Harbor Kai El66
Farrington High66
Kanoelani El65.5
Pearl City High65.5


Highest Achieving Schools in Mathematics Growth
State median: 50
Aliiolani El85
Kapiolani El84
Kapolei El82
Pauoa El80
Pearl City El79.5
Palisades El79
Aiea Inter76
Ke Kula Niihau o Kekaha74
Kalihi­waena El74
Roosevelt High73
Pearl City Highlands El73
Kaewai El72
Wheeler Mid72
Lehua El72
Ke Kula o Samuel M. Kamakau71
Keolu El71
Kalihi­uka El70.5


Highest Achieving Schools in Reducing Chronic Absenteeism
Statewide Elementary Rate: 12%
Nimitz El2%
Mililani Ike El2%
Wilson El2%
Momilani El3%
Maemae El3%
Manoa El4%
Liholiho El4%
Nuuanu El4%
Hokulani El4%
Noelani El4%
Waihee El5%
de Silva El5%
Kau Learning Academy5%
Moanalua El5%
Manana El5%
Mililani Uka El5%
Hickam El5%


Highest Achieving Schools in Reducing Chronic Absenteeism
Statewide Middle/Intermediate Rate: 14% ​
Mililani Mid3%
Kawananakoa Mid5%
Washington Mid6%
Kaimuki Mid6%
Moanalua Mid7%
Lokelani Inter7%
Kapolei Mid7%
Kailua Inter8%
Niu Valley Mid8%
Stevenson Mid9%
Aliamanu Mid10%
Kalanianaole E&I10%
Wheeler Mid10%
Waikoloa El & Mid10%


Highest Achieving Schools in Reducing Chronic Absenteeism
Statewide High School Rate: 19% ​​
Halau Ku Mana4%
West Hawaii Explorations6%
University Laboratory7%
Myron B. Thompson Academy8%
Hawaii Academy9%
Kalani High10%
Waiakea High10%
Radford High10%
Ke Kula o Samuel M. Kamakau10%
Waipahu High11%
Mililani High11%
Kihei Charter School12%
Moanalua High12%
Roosevelt High12%
Pearl City High13%
Kealakehe High14%
Kapolei High14%
Kua o ka La15%
Lanai High & El15%


Highest Achieving Schools in 11th Grade ACT
Statewide: 39% — students who met state benchmark of 19 composite score ​​
University Laboratory81%
Kihei Charter School65%
Kalani High61%
Kaiser High59%
Roosevelt High58%
Hawaii Academy58%
Mililani High55%
Moanalua High53%
Myron B. Thompson Academy52%
Kalaheo High51%
Radford High50%
Pearl City High50%
McKinley High44%
Kealakehe High44%
Hawaii Technology Academy43%


Highest Achieving Schools in Graduation Rate (Four-Year Rate)
Statewide: 82% — on-time graduation ​
University Laboratory100%
West Hawaii Explorations96%
Moanalua High96%
Radford High93%
Kapaa High92%
Mililani High92%
Kaiser High91%
Kalani High89%
Campbell High89%
Aiea High88%
Kalaheo High88%
Kamaile Academy PCS88%
Roosevelt High87%


Highest Achieving Schools in Graduation Rate (Five-Year Rate)
Statewide: 83% — on-time graduation

University Laboratory100%
Lanai High & El97%
Moanalua High96%
Myron B. Thompson Academy95%
Mililani High93%
Kalani High92%
Kanu o ka Aina91%
Waimea High91%
Kaiser High91%
Kalaheo High90%
Aiea High90%
Keaau High89%
Waialua H&I89%


​Highest Achieving Schools in College-Going Rate
Statewide: 62% — 16-month enrollment rate

University Laboratory96%
Kalani High84%
Kaiser High81%
Kihei Charter School78%
Roosevelt High78%
Waimea High75%
Mililani High74%
Moanalua High73%
Waiakea High73%
Kalaheo High73%
Kauai High71%
Kanu o ka Aina70%




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