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 Progress Reports: Reopening Lāhainā Schools


Progress reports for reopening three Lāhainā schools: Lāhaināluna High, Lāhainā Intermediate and Princess Nāhiʻenaʻena. Status updates on ensuring educational options are provided to students who were enrolled at King Kamehameha III Elementary. Updates will be provided as pertinent information is available.

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Enrollment and Student Outreach

The Department is closely tracking students as they continue to re-enroll in other options, including other HIDOE schools or distance learning programs, charter schools, private schools or withdraw to homeschool or relocate out of state.

*Based on HIDOE student information system (official enrollment data)
**Includes families that HIDOE called and left a message that has not yet been returned.

Data sources: HIDOE student information system, reports from private schools, reports from charter schools, contacts by HIDOE community liaisons, community meeting participant list, school and teacher contacts.
Sources not yet fully incorporated: Calls to Maui Support Hotline.

Campus Status​

As the Department works with other agencies to safely reopen campuses, educational options are available for students and families: https://bit.ly/westmauienroll. Lāhainā employees will be temporarily assigned to other locations on September 14 or earlier, based on their preferences and schools’ needs. The target date for reopening school campuses to students is Monday, October 16, 2023.

Last updated: September 26 



YellowIn progress

RedPending partner agency action



Air Quality - Green Air Quality

​Ensure safe air quality by installing sensors to meet Hawai‘i State Department of Health (DOH) standards.

09-26-2023: DOH evaluated the results and indicated that that the school campuses are safe.

09-20-2023: View results publicly at https://fire.airnow.gov.

09-13-2023: External sensors installed at three schools* and results publicly reported (maps.purpleair.com). 

Water Quality - Green Water Quality​

​Ensure water sources meet all DOH Safe Drinking Water Branch standards.

09-26-2023: DOH evaluated the results and indicated that that the school campuses are safe.

09-20-2023: Maui County Department of Water Supply water testing data shows "Non-Detect" for "All Volatile Compounds: https://mauicounty.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=532ad3b6531c4a769f8bc3fdf7d5505c. The County conducted sampling and testing of water for Lāhainā Intermediate and Princess Nāhiʻenaʻena Elementary, and at the water source for Lāhaināluna High. Consulting with the DOH on results.

09-13-2023: Contracting independent firm to conduct water sampling in addition to initial testing by Maui County Department of Water Supply. Consulting with DOH.

Soil Testing - GreenSoil Testing​

​Ensure soil is safe when walking or playing on school grounds in accordance with DOH standards.

09-26-2023: DOH evaluated the results and indicated that that the school campuses are safe.

09-21-2023: Lab results from soil testing received from independent firm. Consulting with DOH on results (link to soil results added 09-25-2023).

09-13-2023: ​Contracted independent firm to conduct soil sampling to detect the presence of heavy metals and dioxins. Soil samples taken and being tested at the lab.

Cleaning of Indoor Spaces - YellowCleaning of Indoor Spaces

​Ensure all interior spaces meet best practices of cleanliness and hygiene.

09-26-2023: Cleaning completed at Lāhainā Intermediate and Princess Nahienaena Elem. Cleaning continues at Lāhaināluna High and should be complete by target return date.

09-13-2023: Contracted specialized professional cleaning firm to conduct through cleaning of interior spaces. Cleaning initiated at Lāhainā Intermediate and Lāhaināluna High.​

Facilities and Grounds - YellowFacilities and Grounds

​Ensure school grounds are deemed safe from debris and minor damages caused by high winds.

09-26-2023: Contractors will conduct external cleaning by target return date. 

09-13-2023: ​Hawai‘i State Department of Transportation and contractors cleared and removed debris caused by high winds. Contractors and HIDOE staff completed temporary repairs. Planning underway for HIDOE teams to prepare grounds.

Power - GreenPower

​Ensure stable electrical service to support full school operations.

​Maui Electric Co. restored power transmission to three schools.

Internet - GreenInternet

Ensure stable broadband communications with a minimum of 1G of bandwidth for connectivity to support instruction and business operations.

09-20-2023: Broadband connectivity restored at three schools.

09-13-2023: ​Broadband connectivity restored at Lāhaināluna High. Limited connectivity at Lāhainā Intermediate and Princess Nāhi‘ena‘ena Elementary. 

Telephones - Yellow​Telephones

​Ensure stable telephone service.

​Phone lines for all schools are routed to voicemail and Communications Branch and Hotline staff are responding to questions. Princess Nāhi‘ena‘ena Elementary and Lāhainā Intermediate phones are operational. Lāhaināluna High’s system will be operational by the target opening date. Hawaiian Telcom working on a temporary fix to enable the phone system for Lāhaināluna High.

*Lāhaināluna High, Lāhaina Intermediate and Princess Nāhi‘ena‘ena

Student and Staff Health and Well-Being

The Department is working to help transition students back to school by supporting the mental health and well-being of students and staff. Procedures and supports will be in place for reopening of school campuses.

Last updated: September 13



YellowIn progress

RedPending partner agency action



Occupational Safety - Yellow Procedures for Health and Safety: Occupational Safety

​Ensure safety measures are in place by developing and disseminating a handbook for reopening.

In progress.

Support for Students' Mental Health and Well-Being - Yellow Support for Students' Mental Health and Well-Being

Ensure mental health support for students is provided through schools’ Multi-Tiered System of Support, including training for school employees and in-person supports by mental health professionals.

Ensure students and families are connected with additional support for basic needs including food.

​Developing plans and training with assistance from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. Trained more than 1,000 Maui employees on psychological first aid and preparing for schools to offer additional planning and training on trauma-informed support.

Develop a Mental Health responsive recovery approach based on the Here to Help framework that will include screening, menu of tiered support services for students and ongoing professional development for school staff and related service providers.

Offering online and in-person support for crisis counseling and mental health support for students: https://bit.ly/West-Maui-Student-Well-Being.

ECHY is providing in-person supports and resources to meet the immediate needs of families in Maui.

Plan in place for HIDOE School-Based Behavioral Health providers and contractors to supplement mental health support on Maui.

Support for Employees' Mental Health and Well-Being - YellowSupport for Employees' Mental Health and Well-Being

​Ensure support for Maui employees by extending the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and providing mental health support that is accessible at school-sites during work hours for Maui island employees.

Developing plans and training with assistance from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

Offering online and in-person support for crisis counseling and mental health support for employees: https://bit.ly/West-Maui-Staff-Well-Being.

Planning for on-site mental health for employees at Lāhainā schools.

Revised Evacuation Procedures - YellowProcedures for Health and Safety: Revised Evacuation Procedures

​Ensure revised evacuation procedures are implemented for the schools.

In progress.

King Kamehameha III Elementary - YellowKing Kamehameha III Elementary

​Ensure options are provided for students from King Kamehameha III to attend school in Lāhainā.

09-26-2023: Governor Green announced a temporary replacement school will be developed near Kapalua Airport. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, with funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is handling the construction of the project and estimates it could take anywhere from 95 days to six months to complete.

09-13-2023: ​Initially, King Kamehameha III will meet at Princess Nāhi‘ena‘ena Elementary. Temporary “pop-up” classrooms are being installed at Princess Nāhi‘ean‘ena Elementary to increase capacity. HIDOE is exploring potential sites for a temporary school site in West Maui.