Supports the public school system by optimizing internal and external communications, with an emphasis on promoting the mission, strategic goals and objectives of the Department.

​The Communications Branch supports Hawai‘i's public school system, with an emphasis on promoting the mission, goals and objectives of the Department. This includes providing support for internal and external communication needs across the tri-level system – schools, complex areas and state offices – and guiding media relations and crisis communications.

The Branch also manages the Department's online presence, brand and centralized communication channels including the website, social media accounts and messaging sent to all staff.

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Below is an overview of our primary external communication functions.


Comm Branch - Media RelationsThe Branch enthusiastically engages top local and national media to ensure the public and stakeholders understand the ongoing work of the Department and to counter misinformation. Our goals include:

  • Promoting success stories and policy positions.
  • Responding to media queries about public school-related topics, issues and trends; coordinating statements and/or interviews from relevant Department officials.
  • Providing information during major events affecting the public, including organizing news conferences and press events.
  • Creating video clips for local news broadcasters and photos for print media.
  • Correcting misleading or incorrect information that surfaces in media channels.

For media inquiries, please call (808) 784-6200 or email Stay up to date with our press releases page for the latest news from the Department about its students, staff and schools.


Comm Branch - NewsletterAs the Department's primary publication, the Ho‘oha‘aheo newsletter aims to live up to the meaning of haʻaheo – to cherish with pride in the Hawaiian language – by bolstering and sustaining pride in public education and touting the successes happening across our system. Ensuring our school communities are informed with accurate and timely information is a high priority for the Department. As such, content is organized around the hashtag and theme of #PublicSchoolProud. In addition to announcements, the newsletter profiles students, staff and leaders who are building successes and strong school communities, and the community members and organizations that help them do it.

The previous print format of the newsletter was converted to a mobile-friendly and digital-only publication during the pandemic as a part of our commitment to increase efficiency and accessibility. The Ho‘oha‘aheo has been nationally recognized by the National School Public Relations Association for three straight years, from 2020 to 2022, for overall excellence and content quality compared to similar-sized school districts. 

The Branch curates and manages the award-winning newsletter that reaches approximately 38,000 subscribers. Click subscribe in the footer below to get it delivered to your inbox every week.


Comm Branch - VideosThe Branch's Video Production Section is responsible for video resource materials that align with communication strategies. The section produces and edits videos to capture superintendent messaging and highlight office and school programs and initiatives, as well as video news releases and engaging clips for social media. Duties also include ensuring 24/7 educational programming and content for TEACH TV on cable channel 356 and managing the Department's online visual presence and photo collection.

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