Kapaa-Kauai-Waimea Complex Area

Links to schools in the Kapaa, Kauai and Waimea complexes (Kauai District), and district-level resources for the community.


Kauai Shining Stars: Aloha! Come check out the action at the Kauai Regional Science and Engineering Fair as well as celebrate Kapaa High's boys soccer state championship. Enjoy the show! 

​​​​​​Ka​​paa complex

Kauai comp​​​lex

Waimea complex

​​​​​​Community School

* Charter Schools are shown under the geographic complex-area and/or complex responsible for certain support to that school. Please visit the Charter Schools website directory for school information.

2017 School Quality Survey

Kapaa-Kauai-Waimea Complex Area report

Kauai District resources

Connect here to learn more about public schools on the Garden Isle.


Complex Area Homepage

Vimeo channel broadcasting the good news coming from Kauai's students, staff and schools.

Kauai District Map

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Kapaa-Kauai-Waimea Complex Areas Financial Plan Summary

Annual Notice of Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Statement

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