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The Science and Technology Education Partnership (STEP) was established to lessen the skills gap between K-12 students and high-technology industry needs. Introduced over 10 years ago in Riverside, Calif., STEP reached Hawaii with Kauai’s first STEP conference in 2004. Oahu’s Honolulu District has showcased an annual STEP show since 2010. It is a partnership with Hawaii Literacy and General Atomics.

2013 Oahu in STEP Show

Themed "Electric Eddy and Magnetic Mike," the 4th Annual Oahu in STEP Show was held Sept. 10-13, 2013 at Kaimuki High School Auditorium, and reached more than 6,000 students. Hosted by Rick Lee and Rigo Brambila of General Atomics, the demonstrations and exhibits served to fascinate and educate while piquing the scientific curiosity of the district's students.

Mahalo to our sponsors Hawaii Literacy, and:

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