Kamehameha Schools

The state’s largest private trust and the Department collaborate on educational improvements on the Waianae Coast and other communities serving large numbers of Native Hawaiians.

​​Ka Pua Initiative

The vision for Kamehameha Schools' Ka Pua Initiative is that all children on the Waianae Coast are connected to place, supported in learning, and succeeding as tomorrow's local and global leaders. The program also provides outreach to children in Neighbor Island communities.

Launched in 2009, the long-term goals of Ka Pua is to deepen the support and increase the intergenerational impact of its trust through three strategies:

  1. Intensively support needle-moving collaborations focused on key impact areas for student success, which includes building capacity among key providers on the Waianae Coast.
  2. Ensure schools are centers of the community, providing effective learning opportunities, integrated supports for students and, more importantly, an unshakeable commitment to student success.
  3. Build two state-of-the-art community learning centers that provide excellent programming and anchor collaborative, capacity-building strategies.

Kamehameha Scholars

The mission of the Kamehameha Scholars program is to support Native Hawaiian students in achieving a higher education degree, entering the career of their choosing, and cultivating their ability to be servant leaders. The program is a supplementary educational enrichment program with a focus on college and career guidance. Students will discover and assess their skills, interests, and values and explore matching post-high institutions and career options to develop plans for their future.  Kamehameha Scholars is a year-round program, beginning with an introduction to the program for new scholars during the summer prior to their first year in the program. Workshops and other guidance activities are held during non-school times—primarily weekends, evenings, and school intersessions—at various times during the school year.

Scholars in grades 9-12 earn points for attending program activities and completing required assignments during the course of their enrollment with Kamehameha Scholars. Those points are translated to dollars, and each scholar who remains in our program through high school graduation will earn a merit scholarship to be used toward his or her college education. 


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