New Purchase Order Format FAQs


​The Hawaii State Department of Education (Department) transitioned from the decades old Legacy financial system to the modern Aukahi Financial Management System (AFMS) nearly one year ago. To further the modernization effort, reformatted Purchase Orders (PO) will be issued beginning July 2022.

When will this change occur?

Reformatted POs will be issued beginning July 2022, to coincide with the start of the fiscal year 2022-2023.

What’s changed?

The components of the PO have been rearranged and/or updated for a more compact and simplified presentation. Key information can now be located quickly on the initial page of the PO. Highlights of the changes are included on the attached sample PO. 

What’s not changing?

  1. POs will be transmitted to Suppliers by Schools and Offices via email, facsimile, or mail, when orders are placed.
  2. Invoices, including those submitted via email, must be clearly legible, and in a generally accepted invoice format, including the Supplier’s name and address, remittance address (if different), invoice number, invoice date, name and address of the Department school/office being invoiced, description of the goods/services provided, and the amount of payment requested for the described goods/services. Non-conforming invoices may be rejected, delaying payment.

Who do I contact if I need more information?

Questions about the order or payment status may be directed to the Buyer listed in the PO CONTACT section of the PO. General information about doing business with the Department can be found on our website under Vendors.

We thank you for your continued support in providing the products and services essential to fulfilling the Department’s mission and vision of student education.

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