Working with Facilities

Information about the Department's procurement process, working with the Hawaii Electronic Procurement System (HePS), development fees and more. Please contact the Office of Facilities and Operations with any questions relating to procurement and development.

​​​​​​​​​​Construction-related procurement projects via HePS

All construction projects for the Department are conducted on the state's Hawaii Electronic Procurement System (HePS). The Office of Facilities and Operations uses HePS for goods, services and construction.

Vendor Accounts

Public Notice: Public notice of competitive sealed bid solicitations and small purchases open to all registered vendors can be found on the DOE's HePS Public Procurement Notices website​.

Questions about how HePS is utilized by the DOE? Contact us: email or call 808-586-3452. You can also view our Frequently Asked Questions for vendors.

School Impact Fees

School Impact Fees were established by the Hawaii State Legislature in 2007 by way of Act 245. These fees assign a portion of the cost of land and construction to residential builders for expansion of school facilities in School Impact Districts approved by the Board of Education. Districts must be areas of high growth that will require new schools, or the expansion of existing schools, to accommodate the increase in new families and school enrollments. Commercial projects, industrial projects, senior housing projects, replacement homes or projects to enlarge existing homes are exempt.

School Specifications

The Educational Specifications and Standards for Facilities provide the basic guidelines in the acquisition and development of school sites and in the master planning, designing and construction of facilities for all public schools in the State of Hawaii. The documents below, referred to as the EDSPECS, were developed to meet the need for a comprehensive guide for consultants, the Department of Education, the community, other government agencies, and the public in the design and planning of new schools and additions to existing schools.

The EDSPECS are divided into three volumes, for use at each of the three educational levels: elementary, middle/intermediate and high. Although much of the information for school design is the same across levels, the volumes are meant to be used independently. Each volume is categorized into various chapters which provide the appropriate design criteria for a school.

Food services

Food service vendors who are interested in mailing samples or presenting the Department with new products may call 808-733-8400 for more information.​

Contact Information

Office of Facilities and Operations

Phone: 808-831-6731



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