HVLN Hawaii Online Courses (formerly known as E-School)

The Hawai‘i public school system supports distance- and online-learning opportunities for its students.

Acceptable Use Guidelines

Anyone granted use of Department computers, networks or internet services must review the Department's rules governing such use. Access to these resources is a privilege, not a right.

HVLN Hawaii Online Courses (formerly known as E-School)

Through the Hawaii Virtual Learning Network (HVLN), the Department provides standards-based, online classes for secondary students enrolled at any Hawaii public school (including charter schools) in addition to their regular classes. Students in the HVLN Hawaii Online Courses (HVLN HOC) Program are guided through their courses by state-certified teachers utilizing a robust learning management system.  HVLN HOC grows access for students who want to take Advanced Placement, Computer Science, or other courses that may not be available at their home campus.

Students are allowed to take up to two courses per semester. Please speak with your school counselor if you are interested in enrolling.


HVLN HOC Website

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For Schools:

If you would like to offer online courses at your school, please click here for more information about HVLN Hawaii Online Teaching.

Contact Information

Kammie Hayashibara, Ed.D.

Phone: 808-784-6494

Email: hoc@k12.hi.us

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