Professional Development

Beyond curricular supports, the Department makes professional development opportunities available to teachers and support staff. In addition, the Leadership Institute was created in 2013 with the goal to align the Department's training and development opportunities into an educational/skills pipeline that would also cultivate a culture of leadership among teachers and principals.


Professional development (PD) focuses on the provision of long-term, sustained commitment to educational practice through professional learning, application, and reflection, and results in enhancing student learning.  The Hawaii State Department of Education’s (HIDOE) design principles of quality PD emphasizes the application of innovative curricular, instructional and educational designs in the learning environments for students and adults, transforms instructional practices, and provides evidence for reflection on the impact of student learning.

The Professional Development Credit System initiated in SY 2002 is based on major cornerstones instituted to increase and strengthen the capacity of its educational workforce.  As learning effectuates deepening of skills, knowledge and competencies of participants, the ultimate goal is to create a broad and deep impact on student learning through:

  • Flexible, rigorous, and meaningful learning opportunities that advance HIDOE’s 10-Year Strategic Plan, Five Promises, and vision;

  • Tri-level alignment and implementation of priorities across the HIDOE organizational system (e.g., classroom and school, complex area, and statewide); and

  • Equitable access to professional opportunities to collaborate and earn credits leading to compensation for the full range of educators (in BU 05) across the state.

The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support (OCID) is the approving office for PD credit courses available to teachers and non-classroom teachers. Participants include the full array of Bargaining Unit 05 members such as classroom and resource teachers, coaches, mentors, coordinators, counselors and librarians. 

For more information on the PD Credit System, please review the Professional Development (PD) Credit System Manual and supporting resources [VIEW]. Questions regarding the PD Credit System can be directed to the OCID Professional Development Office:

The Leadership Institute

The purpose of the Leadership Institute is to develop leadership capacity system-wide, preparing our leaders to implement systemic change and transform schools to secure the futures of the children we serve. The Institute represents a new model of leadership development, one where we move away from the individual leader as authority to fully embrace the idea that everyone is a leader and everyone a learner. It offers programs and services that include:

Innovation Grant 2020

Aloha BU 5 teachers: Apply for an Innovation Grant 2020 today! These grants are awarded to help you develop innovative educational programs for your students and classrooms. The grant is based on this year’s theme, “Ideas That Transform,” part of the 2030 Promise Plan and the Five Promises: Hawaiʻi, Equity, School Design, Empowerment, and of course, Innovation! Apply here: 

See below for timeline:

Foundations in Operations
Year-round learning opportunities to support temporary assignment vice principals and other school administrators. The purpose is to bolster leadership training around school strategic management issues, including working with the Department's Comprehensive Student Support System, student misconduct issues, facilities management and student transportation, emergency response, special education, talent development and more.

Hawaii Certification Institute for School Leaders (HICISL)
Serves as the Department’s primary certification vehicle for certificated leaders who wish to pursue a career pathway in school administration. The HICISL program promotes the performance of aspiring school leaders in their role through coaching, coursework and residency components. Through a series of monthly seminars, professional development focuses on instructional and change leadership around a school improvement process to advance a high performing culture that is student learning-focused.

Leadership Symposium
This one-day professional learning event provides a system of support through sharing of practical evidence-based strategies and tools for learning organizations. Its goal is to build a shared understanding of systems thinking and the change process to implement state/school initiatives to promote all students to be college and career successful. Held annually in the fall, school teams share their experiences with powerful practices to influence a high performing culture of reflection and continuous improvement.

New Principal Academy (NPA)
This induction program provides support through the first two years of a principal’s appointment through high quality professional development, coaching and professional learning opportunities. All components are aligned to the Department’s performance evaluation for school leaders, the state’s six strategic initiatives and Complex Area priorities. The evidence-based program is driven by a collaborative goal-setting process.

New Teacher Center (NTC-Hawaii)
The induction and mentoring program​ is focused on improving student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of beginning teachers. NTC-Hawaii works with complex areas across the state to develop and implement high quality induction programs advocating for one-on-one mentoring and professional development support for beginning teachers. The program also provides opportunities to nurture the capacity of experienced teachers interested in developing leadership skills and modeling new ways of leading.

State Office Leadership Academy
SOLA is a one-year, cohort-based, professional development academy, with the goal to strengthen participants’ skills to perform as state office leaders. SOLA is designed for state office directors and managers to advance the Hawaii DOE Leader Competencies and the Nā Hopena Aʻo (HĀ) framework.

Teacher Leader Academy (TLA)
Invites teacher-leaders to participate in job-embedded professional development, including organizational change and strategies to improve professional practice. Applicants shall possess leadership potential and have the ability to work with and motivate others. It kicks off with a four-day Summer Institute, followed by five subsequent workshops scheduled through January, culminating in a Learning Fair in the spring when participants showcase their year-long action research projects to invited notable guests. 

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