Creating your School Catalogue

Information needed for prospective students.

Creating Your School Catalogue

Please make sure your students have all the information they need before deciding to attend your school.  The following are items that should appear in a school catalogue and/or web site:

  • Entrance policy (equal opportunity in education, non-discrimination etc.)
  • Admission requirements (high school diploma or GED required, etc.)
  • Application process (steps and duration etc.)
  • Staff & qualifications (descriptions of staff, academic and work history)
  • Programs available
  • Description of certificate upon finishing a program
  • Licensure/certification information (if applicable i.e. massage therapy)
  • Student-instructor ratio
  • Description of facilities (provide pictures)
  • Description of equipment (provide pictures)
  • Attendance (describe policy on missed classes)
  • Make-up policy
  • Class schedule
  • Grading
  • Satisfactory progress (how will students be assessed during the term)
  • School calendar
  • Program costs
  • Payment plans
  • Financial aid
  • Placement assistance
  • Student services (i.e. assistance with registration, books etc.)
  • Complaint procedure
  • School policies & procedures (academic or administrative)
  • Refund policy
  • School mission, philosophy
  • Transferring hours
  • Availability of transcripts (either electronic or hard copy)
  • Student conduct & rules (including Harassment Policy)
  • Leave of absence
  • Termination
  • Appeals

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