Private Trade, Vocational and Technical Schools

Private trade, vocational, or technical school means an organization or corporation that provides instruction in any form or manner in any trade, occupation, or vocation for consideration, reward or promise.



Exemptions that meet criteria can request an exemption letter.
Accreditation or Approval or ApprovalLinks to organizations that can assist with accreditation or approval.
Creating your School Catalogue your School CatalogueInformation needed for prospective students.
Application for School Licensure for School LicensureApplication for School LicensureLicensure is for 2 years.
Transcript Requests RequestsTranscript requests are available for closed schools.
Private Trade, Vocational, or Technical Schools Trade, Vocational, or Technical SchoolsLicensed schools for 2021 - 2023.
Closed Private Trade, Vocational, or Technical Schools Private Trade, Vocational, or Technical SchoolsInformation on closed private trade, vocational, or technical schools.

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