Strategic Plan Dynamic Report: Goal 3

Data about Hawai‘i's K-12 public school system aligned with the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, Goal 3: Successful Systems of Support. This information is presented annually to the Board of Education to track progress to state-level targets and to review what is and isn't working. It is a public resource so all stakeholders may easily view how the public school system is doing across a range of key performance indicators.


Click the goals at right for performance metrics for each aligned with the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. Below, select an indicator to access data sets specific to that category, or scroll below for a dynamic chart of all indicators.

Note: The Department launched the Future Schools Now initiative in November 2018, which includes the roll out of an online database of Capital Improvements Program projects — the CIP Project Tracker. The searchable database provides information on design and construction contract amounts, the status of projects, and awarded vendors. The CIP Project Tracker is being beta tested and will roll out to the public in SY 2019-2020. The re-accounting of projects to fit this database requires a reset on the R&M backlog. A new baseline and target will be set in 2019.  

Note: The Family Engagement metric is measured by statements added to the 2018 School Quality Survey of parents. Results reported below provide a baseline; subsequent administrations of the School Quality Survey will provide data to track progress. Learn more about the SQS.

For business rules associated with these data sets, please refer to the Goal 3 Technical Details guide.

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Family Engagement

Goal 3


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