School Year 2012-13 results: Strive HI

Results for the Department's school accountability and improvement system for School Year 2012-13, released August 2013. Strive HI is meant to be a diagnostic tool to strategically deploy resources and supports to schools; it is not a tool to rank schools.

Strive HI Index


In August 2013, the Department released the Strive HI Performance System Results for School Year 2012-13, the first year under the new accountability and improvement system. Key findings:

  • Reading and math proficiency improved slightly. The percentage of students proficient in reading rose to 72 percent, from 71 percent a year ago, while math proficiency reached 60 percent from 59 percent.
  • Hawaii’s public schools have narrowed the achievement gap by 12 percent over the past two years. The gap measures the performance of “high-needs students” (those who have a disability, language barriers, or low family income) compared to the achievement of other students.
  • A majority of the state’s previously lowest-performing schools made tremendous growth after receiving targeted supports in “Zones of School Innovation.”​
  • Of the state’s 14 top-performing schools, more than half (9) are Title I schools, meaning they overcame challenges associated with serving a large number of disadvantaged children from low-income families.

2012-13 Reports

  • The Statewide Snapshot:A one-page summary of statewide student performance on the Strive HI Performance Index metrics of proficiency (in math, reading and science), student growth (in reading and math), readiness (chronic absenteeism, ACT scores, graduation rates and college going rates) and achievement gap.
  • The School Classification List: List of all Hawaii public schools with their Strive HI Index Score and classification.
  • The Strive HI Master Data File: Spreadsheet with comprehensive data for each school (some data is suppressed to protect student privacy).
  • The Interactive School Distribution: An interactive site allows users to explore schools’ performance relative to other schools.
  • The Student Group Performance Reports, statewide and by school, provide information about student group performance meeting math, reading, science, and retention or graduation rate targets.
  • Strive HI Accountability Reports, statewide and by school​, provide additional information about each school, including proficiency rates, retention rates, graduation rates, NAEP data, and information on teacher qualifications.
  • Each school has a School Performance Report: A one-page document the provides a snapshot of key school indicators from the Strive HI Index and demonstrates how each school’s results were converted into the 400-point Strive HI Index, and then into an Index classification. To find these reports use the School Finder tool to find the school you're looking for. Each school has a link to its performance report, as well as a link to the report overview (a step-by-step guide on how to read the report). For a small number of schools, details from these reports are not publicly available because of the small student population (data are suppressed to protect student privacy). Charter schools’ reports are available on the Charter Schools' webpage.

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