2015-16 Strive HI System results

Links to key reports and the press release for Strive HI Performance System results for school year 2015-16. This is a transitional year as we move into a new performance system under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act; there is no Index Score or Classification for schools this year.


On Oct. 4, 2016, the Department released Strive HI Performance System results ​for School Year 2015-16, the fourth year under the school improvement and accountability system. Results were presented to the Board of Education​ that day. This is a transitional year while the system is aligned with new federal law (the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA) and a redesigned Strategic Plan for education in Hawaii. As such, there is no classification of schools, nor a tallying of points in the Strive HI Index, just a reporting of data under the system's measurements within Achievement, Growth, Readiness and Achievement Gap, along with new school-level "bonus" metrics. Key statewide findings:​​

  • Steady progress on statewide assessments in English Language Arts/Literacy, Mathematics and Science. This is the first year states taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment​ could do an "apples-to-apples" comparison with last year's results.​​
    • ELA: Up 3 points to 51 percent meeting the standard
    • Math: Up 1 point to 42 percent meeting the standard
    • Science: Up 2 points to 43 percent proficiency on the Hawaii State Assessment-Science.​ Over three years, students are up 9 points in proficiency on the exam.
  • ​​"Bonus" metrics introduced for the first time this year show that 41 percent of all 11th and 12th graders are taking advanced coursework that demonstrate their college & career readiness.
  • There was a slight regression in chronic absenteeism for elementary schools (up two points), but it is still down five points since the system began tracking it.
  • Readiness metrics are holding steady for 11th grade ACT, graduation rate and college-going rate.

2015-16​ Reports

  • The Statewide Snapshot: A one-page summary of statewide student performance on metrics of proficiency (in math, reading and science), student growth (in reading and math), readiness (chronic absenteeism, ACT scores, graduation rates and college going rates), achievement gaps, and additional school-specific measures unique to elementary, middle and high schools.
  • The Strive HI Master Data File: Spreadsheet​​​ with comprehensive data across all measures for each school (some data are suppressed to protect student privacy at schools with small populations).
  • Student Group Performance Reports, statewide and by school​, provide information about student group performance toward meeting math, reading, science, and retention or graduation rate targets. Groups include performance by race/ethnicity, ​economic disadvantage, English Language Learners, disability and more.
  • The Strive HI Technical Report provides detail on how the measures are calculated​.
  • School Performance Report: Each school has a one-page document that provides a snapshot of key indicators. You can use the Report Finder​ to search for reports by school and school year, or:
    • HIDOE Schools: Use the School Finder tool to find the school you're looking for. Each school page has a link to its performance report. For a small number of schools, details from these reports are not publicly available because of the small student population (data are suppressed to protect student privacy).
    • Charter Schools: Reports are available on the Charter Schools' page.​​​


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