2016-17 Strive HI System results

Links to key reports and the press release for Strive HI Performance System results for school year 2016-17, showing how our schools are doing across a range of measurements. Hawai'i's accountability system has been updated to align with the state's 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, as well as new requirements under federal law, the Every Student Succeeds Act.


On Sept. 19, 2017, the Department released Strive HI Performance System results ​for School Year 2016-17, the fifth year under the state-designed school improvement and accountability system. Results were presented to the Board of Education​ that day. Strive HI has been updated to align with Hawai'i's 2017-2020 Strategic Plan as well as new requirements in federal law (the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA). An overview of the measures and indicators can be seen in this fact sheet. Key statewide findings for 2016-17:​​

  • Science: Up 4 points from 2016 to 46 percent proficient on the Hawaii State Assessment-Science.​ Over three years, students are up 9 points in proficiency on the exam (2015: 41%; 2016: 42%; 2017: 46%).
  • Math: No change from 2016 (2015: 41%; 2016: 42%; 2017: 42%).
  • ELA: Down 1 point to 50 percent meeting the achievement standard (2015: 48%, 2016: 51%, 2017: 50%).

Statewide Snapshot

2016-17 Reports

  • The Statewide Snapshot: A one-page summary of statewide student and school performance on metrics across grade spans as well as those that are specific to elementary, middle and high schools.
  • The Strive HI Master Data File: Spreadsheet​​​ with comprehensive data across all measures for each school (some data are suppressed to protect student privacy at schools with small populations). Updates:

    • Revised 10/31/17 to correct the College Enrollment Rate (column AM) for the Disabled (SPED) subgroup.

    • Revised 10/4/17 to the file initially posted; affects only the 3rd and 8th grade literacy rates and only for the race/ethnicity subgroups. All other subgroups and measures are unaffected.

    • Revised 7/20/18 to remove reading and math assessment data from Kau Learning Academy, whose results were invalidated by the Department's Assessment section. The charter school has been closed.

  • The Strive HI Technical Report: provides detail on how the measures are calculated​.
  • School Performance Report: Each school has a one-page document that provides a snapshot of key indicators. You can use the Report Finder​ to search for reports by school and school year, or:
    • Public Schools: Use the School Finder tool to find the school you're looking for. Each school page has a link to its performance report. For a small number of schools, details from these reports are not publicly available because of the small student population (data are suppressed to protect student privacy).
    • Charter Schools: Reports are available on the Charter Schools' page.​​​

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