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Aug. 24

Editorial Mission: As the Department’s primary publication, we aim to live up to the meaning of ha‘aheo — to cherish with pride — by bolstering and sustaining pride in public education and touting the successes happening across our system.

Another round of updates has been incorporated into our Health and Safety guidance to align with the state Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Among the changes, which are highlighted in this parent letter, are: no longer requiring vaccination or testing for student-athletes to participate in athletics and no longer requiring quarantine following exposure to COVID-19 in or out of school.

I’m also pleased to welcome two veteran leaders to the Department to help strengthen our capacity to mitigate the negative impacts of the pandemic on students and schools while also looking at ways we can modernize and improve our systems.

The Board of Education approved the appointments of Tammi Oyadomari-Chun as deputy superintendent of strategy, and Curt T. Otaguro as deputy superintendent of operations.

The appointments are a measured and necessary first step in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Department operations and the educational services provided.

Deputy Superintendent Oyadomari-Chun will be responsible for leading, directing and supervising the strategic planning, transformation and modernization, and implementation of the strategic initiatives of the Department. Deputy Superintendent Otaguro will be responsible for assessing and enhancing the operations and administrative functions of the Department.



We asked some special guests to complete the sentence below.

“Great things are happening in Hawai‘i public schools. My top priority this school year is to ______.”

" ...advocate for higher standards of academic performance, encouraging greater individual student achievement to build the way for a brighter future."
The Hawai‘i State Student Council Student Achievement Committee works on promoting, and or changing, the existing Board of Education educational standards to provide the students of Hawaiʻi a quality education.

Members (left to right): Chair Ciara Blaber - Kealakehe High, Selena Vixayvong - Kailua High, Logan Riehle - Mililani High, Collin James Hanshew - Ka‘ū High, Secretary Jake Ishikawa - Kapolei High, Martian Binonwangon Jr. - Kapa‘a High

" ...provide mental health support for anyone on campus including: faculty, staff, teachers and students.”
The Hawai‘i State Student Council Co-Curricular Concerns Committee works on maintaining the intangible school environment and promotes a student’s healthy physical and mental well-being.

Members (left to right): Caleb Kahala - Castle High, Lawren Pao - Kahuku High, Andrew Paresa - Waiākea High, Chair Logan Otani - Roosevelt High, Secretary Arlan Redoble - Farrington High, Kristine Domingo-Peregrino - Honoka‘a High, Brennan Tamashiro - Kaiser High, Rei Noelani - Wai‘anae High

Family Focus

The Hawai‘i Emergency Management Agency is encouraging families to discuss their emergency plans and update their emergency "go" kits. Click here for a checklist of what should be included. Don’t be scared! Be prepared!

The Department’s Student Transportation Services Branch hotline continues to be available through Sept. 6 for parents and schools with queries related to bus applications, routes, and contractor and school information. Call (808) 784-6870 during normal work hours for assistance.

Community Query

We asked on Twitter and Instagram...

Q: What’s your favorite high school subject? (Part 2)

CDC COVID-19 Community Levels

CDC’s COVID-19 Community Levels is a tool to help guide decision making on mitigation strategies based on community classification levels of low, medium or high. When the level is at medium or high, additional layered strategies such as masking are recommended.
Weekly CDC COVID Community Levels by Hawaii DOH

HIDOE Headlines

A roundup of announcements, resources and shoutouts.

» The Board of Education approved naming the new high school in Kihei Kūlanihāko‘i High School.


» Reporting for Student Reporting Labs, Kaua‘i High senior Natalie Lett helped tell the story of a Latin American studio helping young dancers achieve their dreams. The story aired Wednesday evening on the PBS NewsHour national broadcast.


» Kea‘au Middle SPEDucator Kristel Brogdon shares her passion project, Māla Mana‘olana: A Garden of Hope, a safe space garden program.


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