September 2023


In the September 2023 report to the Board of Education (BOE), Deputy Superintendent Tammi Oyadomari-Chun shared the latest details on the Department’s response to the West Maui wildfires.

In the September 2023 report to the Board of Education (BOE), Deputy Superintendent Tammi Oyadomari-Chun – on behalf of Superintendent Keith Hayashi – shared the Department's latest details on its response to the West Maui wildfires.

Highlights include:

  • The Department updated its student re-enrollment counts with the welcoming of Lāhaināluna High students at Kūlanihāko‘i High. 
    • Of the 3,000 students originally enrolled in the four Lāhainā schools, 637 students are attending Lāhaināluna High in-person at Kūlanihāko‘i High. 
    • The Department has made contact with 97% of students' families, with active contact not yet achieved with 88 students.
  • The Department remains on track to reopen to Lāhainā schools the week of Oct. 16, following fall break.
  • Lāhaināluna High began meeting at its temporary school stie at Kūlanihāko‘i High in Kīhei on Sept. 14.
  • The Department is operating learning hubs in West Maui to provide teacher support, peer socialization, social-emotional learning and mental health supports.
    • A hybrid distance learning hub located at Citizen Church opened to students on Sept. 19.
    • A learning hub for high-needs special education students opened to students on Sept. 19 in Kapalua.
    • A Kaiapuni Lāhainā opened to Hawaiian language immersion students on Sept. 14 in Kapalua.
  • In-person and telehealth options for student and employees' mental and emotional health continue. The Employee Assistance Program support is extended for Lāhainā staff. 
  • In-person and online training for employees to support students continues.
  • With the coordination of the respective labor union partners, as of Sept.14, all Lāhainā school staff have reported to temporary assignments or received assistance with other arrangements. 
  • Community liaisons are providing ongoing outreach to families in shelters, Family Resource Centers and community gathering spots.
  • A dedicated phone hotline and two-way texting support continues to provide live support, recieving more than 700 calls since launching on Aug. 21.
  • The University of Hawai‘i has committed to provide full scholarships to every Lāhaināluna senior to cover tuition, fees, book and supplies at any UH campuses to which they are accepted for the 2024-25 academic year. UH is seeking funding to extend the scholarships for a full two or four years of college, depending on the campus the student attends.

See Superintendent's presentation slides.


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