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This website contains information, resources, forms, and guidance materials related to both conducting research in the Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) and requesting data from HIDOE schools and offices. Individuals can submit research applications or data requests through the processes described below.

What data are collected by HIDOE and why?

The Department collects student data for the purpose of monitoring and improving student learning and school progress. Student data are also used for federal and local reporting requirements. HIDOE collects data on demographics, enrollment, attendance, grades/marks, special programs, assessment, course information, scheduling, graduation, dropout rates, awards, and scholarships.

HIDOE also collects data to provide services to students and staff and for federal and local reporting purposes. These data are also analyzed by HIDOE to recognize areas of progress and achievement as well as to identify areas for improvement. These other types of data collected by HIDOE include transportation, food services, personnel, professional development, evaluation and career development, payroll, budget, accounting, purchasing, procurement, facilities, utilities, and grants management.

Read more about HIDOE Data Sources.

How can I access HIDOE data?

Although the purposes for collecting these data are focused on the monitoring and improvement of student learning, the Department also has agreements with various institutions, organizations, and researchers to share data. Institutions, organizations, and individuals can request data and/or propose research activities that involve data collection by reviewing the various methods for accessing HIDOE data.

The Data Governance and Analysis Branch (DGA) is responsible for reviewing and processing research and data requests. Any questions about the processes described below or the status of current requests/applications should be directed to DGA.

How is student information privacy protected?

Parents and guardians have certain protections and rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regarding their children’s educational records. Read more about student information privacy.

The Department is also responsible for safeguarding personally identifiable information of students and staff from being shared with non-HIDOE individuals or organizations without legitimate educational need. While it is possible to enter into an agreement with HIDOE to gain access to certain data, review and approval are needed by the appropriate HIDOE administrators.

How does HIDOE ensure data quality?

Data quality is crucial for all decision makers both within HIDOE schools and offices and for those who use the data outside the Department. HIDOE employees monitor and analyze the data throughout its life cycle (from data entry to data use) to ensure that the data is accurate, timely, and complete. Read more about data quality efforts in HIDOE​.

Who should I contact if I have questions about HIDOE data practices?

If you have additional questions about HIDOE data or how the data is used and shared you can contact DGA by email​ or by calling (808) 784-6061.

Contact Information

Data Governance and Analysis Branch

Phone: 808-784-6060

Email: DGA@k12.hi.us


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