Archived Legislative Reports, 2005

Archived reports for the Hawaii State Legislature, delivered prior to the start of the 2005 Legislative Session.

​The following reports were submitted by the Department of Education to the Hawaii State Legislature.

Bills and Resolutions



Section 37-41.5 Carryover of Funds Department of Education; carryover of funds.  View report.
Section 29-25, HRS Federal and Trust Funds

View report.

Section 29-1405, HRS Federal Grant Search, Development, and Application Revolving Fund View report.
Section 302A-1309 School Priority Program HRS Departmental Controls.  View report.
Act 200, Section 45, SLH 2003, Regular Session Weighted Pupil Allocation Report findings and recommendations to address coordination and support for robotics education in Hawaii, including sustainability, financing, educator PD and other issues.  View report.
HCR 117, HR 102 Construction of Maui Lani Elementary School
View report.
SCR 181 Construction of Pahoa Gym View report.
Act 200/SLH 2003, Section 77 Capital Improvements Program Staff Costs View report.
Act 200, HB 200, HD1, SD1, CD1 Part III, Section 46 Report of Revenues and Expenditures (7/1/03-9/30/03) View report.
SCR 107, SD1 (2002 Session)Age Requirement for Kindergarten Attendance View report.
HCR 185/HR 149Career and Technical Education Programs Redesign View report.
HB 200, HD1, SD1, CD1, State Budget, Section 48, Act (2003 Legislature)Compliance Assessment – Felix v. Lingle Consent DecreeView report.
Act 148, Section 2 (1995 Legislature- S.B. 647)Mandatory Expulsion Policy for Possession of a Firearm School Year 2002-03 Mandatory Expulsion Policy for Possession of a Firearm.  View report.
Chapter 302A-301 Operations of the Incentive and Innovation Grant review panel View report.
Section 47Report on the Recruitment and Hiring of Personnel Required by the DOE for Mental Health ServicesView report.
ACT 200, H.B. NO. 200, H.D. 1, S.D. 1, C.D. 1, Part III, Section 49 Services to Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderView report.
Act 200, H.B. 200, H.D. 1, S.D.1, C.D. 1, Part VII, Section 142State Budget—Transfer of Federal Funds for After-School Plus (A+) Program View report.
Act 200, HB 200, HD 1, SD 1, CD 1, Part III, Section 43State Budget -- NCLB View report.
Section 302A-1004, Hawaii Revised StatutesAccountability Framework View report.
Section 302A-1004, Hawaii Revised StatutesEducational Assessment and Accountability View report.

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