Archived Legislative Reports, 2012

Archived reports for the Hawaii State Legislature, delivered prior to the start of the 2012 Legislative Session.

​​​​REPORTS ON THE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS passed in the 2011 Regular Session, Hawaii State Legislature.
Authorizing Instrument


Report or Action Requested

HB 0019 Act 245 (SLH 2007)

SB 2828,SD1,HD3,CD1 Act 188 (SLH 2010)

School Impact Fees

Annual report on implementation of the school impact fees act.  View report.

HB 0200,HD1,SD1,CD1 Section 36 Act 162 (SLH 2009)

Progress on restructuring under NCLB

Report on evaluations from each educational consultant assigned to each school on the progress of restructuring under NCLB, and the spending per school. View report.

HB 0200,HD1,SD1,CD1 Section 68 Act 162 (SLH 2009)

Relating to the State Budget HB 0200,HD1,SD1,CD1 Section 68 Act 162 (SLH 2009)

Report on project funded staff services budget detailing each permanent position by number, position title, and compensation (incl. fringe) in accordance with Section 92F-12(a)(14), and for non-permanent CIP related positions. View report.

HB 2200,HD1,SD2,CD1 Section 70.2 Act 180 (SLH 2010)

Relating to GO Bond Funds for School Building Improvements, Statewide (State Budget)

Report detailing each consultant contract executed during each fiscal year including service provider's name and contact information, general contract terms, scope of contract, contract cost, contract duration, and status and accounting of work performed. View report.

HB 2200,HD1,SD2,CD1 Section 159.2 Act 180 (SLH 2010)

Relating to Bus Transportation Services for Students (State Budget)

Report on: (1) Separated for both special and regular education rider ship for SY 2009-10 bus service; (2) Plan of action to secure dedicated funding for bus transportation services for all students, with emphasis on obtaining federal funds. View report.

HCR 289,HD1 (2010)

Requesting State Public Entities to Commit to Healthier and More Nutritious Meals in Their Programs by Spending More of Their Food Dollars for Locally-Produced Produce or Other Hawaii Agricultural Products

Report on the status of respective purchases and use of locally-produced produce or other Hawaii agricultural products and any recommendations for improvements in meeting this goal. View report.

HCR 297,SD1,CD1 SR 86,SD1 (2010)

Requesting Reports on the Economic Value of Expanded Workforce Development Capacity and STEM Initiatives

Report on: (1) The economic value of expanded workforce development capacity of emerging industries in defense and dual-use, astronomy, engineering, aquaculture, biotech, digital media, and related industries; and (2) The status of each entity's STEM initiatives, activities, and recommendations for long-term expansion and funding requirements. View report.

SB 2004 Act 179 (SLH 2008)

Relating to Education SB 2004 Act 179 (SLH 2008)

Annual report on total number of requests for a due process hearing relating to the reimbursement of costs for a child's placement filed by a parent or guardian of a child with a disability. View report.

SB 2068,SD2,HD1,CD1 Act 183 (SLH 2010)

Relating to Early Education SB 2068,SD2,HD1,CD1 Act 183 (SLH 2010)

Beginning with SY 2013-2014, a child who will be at least five years of age on the first day of instruction may attend a public school kindergarten. DOE and Early Learning Council shall work together to develop a plan to assess the success of public junior kindergarten programs at individual schools which includes: (1) providing opportunities for the children who would have otherwise been eligible for junior kindergarten or kindergarten; and (2) supports the education of four year olds, including children who would have been eligible prior to the age change; be tiered and based on family income; and incorporate public and private funding sources. View report.

SB 2117,SD1 Act 31 (SLH 2010)

Relating to Repeal of School-level Minor Repair and Maintenance Account

Report on total amount of funds in the school-level minor repairs and maintenance special fund that will carry over to the next fiscal year and submit to the Director of Finance and Legislature. View report.

SB 2878 Act 14 (SLH 2008, Special Session)

Relating to Early Learning

Annual report to Legislature and Early Learning Council on number of classrooms suitable for programs and services in the early learning system and cost of renovating those classrooms to meet standards. View report.

SCR 110,SD2,HD1 (2010)

Requesting the Establishment of a Working Group to Develop a Comprehensive Plan to Improve Awareness of and Strengthen Support for Persons with Dyslexia

Report on subject matter. DOE and UH are requested to establish a working group to develop a comprehensive plan to improve awareness of and strengthen support for persons with dyslexia, with the DOE to provide administrative support for the working group and the Legislative Reference Bureau to provide drafting services. Refer to resolution for details. View report.

SCR 150,SD1 (2009)

Special Education Private School Taskforce

Urging the Superintendent to establish and facilitate a special education private school taskforce to advise the DOE on policies or procedures for oversight and monitoring of private school or facility placement. Report of findings and recommendations including data from the 2009-2010 school year. View report.

SCR 195,SD1 (2010)

Sign Language and Communiations Strategies

Urging the DOE to Incorporate Sign Language and Other Communication Strategies During Instruction to Enhance the Learning of Children with Cognitive and Other Disabilities. View report.


Authorizing Instrument


Report or Action Requested

SB 1394 Act 141 (SLH 2005)

Federal Funds for Medicaid Eligible Health Services for Students

Quarterly reports that include: 1) amount of Medicaid federal reimbursement received for federal FY 2004-2005 to 2009-2010; 2) amount of additional funding secured; 3) amount of claims pending; 4) amount of additional federal funding projected to be secured over the next 5 years; & 5) plans for the reinvestment of additional federal funds to expand needed services to the State's children.

Section 29-25, HRS

Federal and Trust Funds

Annual report on the exact amount and specific nature of federal impact aid, U.S. Department of Defense funds, and federal indirect overhead reimbursements received. View report.

Section 36-32, HRS

State Educational Facilities Improvement Special Fund

Report on the financial statement of the special fund, lease payments for schools account established, and the status of projects undertaken pursuant to this section. View report.

Section 36-35

State Educational Facilities Repair and Maintenance Account

Annual report of account finances and status of R & M projects undertaken. Project expenditures shall be posted electronically on the Internet within 30 days of each project's completion. View report.

Section 36-36

School Physical Plant Operations and Maintenance Account

Annual report of account finances and status of R & M projects undertaken. Project expenditures shall be posted electronically on the Internet and updated quarterly. View report.

Section 37-41.5, HRS

Carry over of Funds

Annual report to the Director of B & F identifying the total amount of funds to be carried over to the next fiscal year. View report.

Annual report on total amount of funds and on a school-by-school basis. View report.

Section 37-74 (d) HRS Act 051 (SLH 2004)

Transfers Performed Between Programs and Agencies Transfers of Appropriated Funds and Positions

Quarterly reports to Governor on subject matter and annual report to Governor and Legislature. View report.

Section 302A-301, HRS

Incentive and Innovation Grant Trust Fund

Annual report on operations of the Grant Award and Review Panel. View report.

Section 302A-620, HRS

Classification/Compensation Appeals Board

Even-numbered years' report on the classification/compensation plan and related cost. View report.

Section 302A-1004, HRS

(b) Comprehensive Accountability System

Report of the specifics of the implementation of the comprehensive accountability system, as well as the fiscal requirements and legislative actions necessary to maintain and improve the accountability system. View report.

Section 302A-1004, HRS 

(c) Annual Education Status Report Educational Assessment & Accountability Annual Reports

​​​View report​.

Section 302A-1004, HRS 

(d) School-by-School Expenditure Report

1) The financial analysis of expenditures by the department with respect to the following areas

(A)    Instruction, including face-to-face teaching, and classroom materials;

(B)    Instructional support, including pupil, teacher and program support;

(C)    Operations, including non-instructional pupil services, facilities and business services;

(D)    Other commitments, including contingencies, capital improvement projects, out-of-district obligations, and legal obligations;

(E)    Leadership, including school management, program and operations management, and district management.

2) The measures of accuracy, efficiency, and productivity of the DOE, districts and schools in delivering resources to the classroom and the student. View report.

Section 302A-1134, HRS

Mandatory Expulsion Policy for Possession of a Firearm SY 2009 - 2010

Annual report on number of students excluded, types of firearms found in their possession and the schools from which they were excluded. View report.

Section 302A-1312

​Six-Year Program and Financial Plan for School R&M

Report on Six-Year Program and Financial Plan for School R & M including annual funding requirements. Also develop and maintain facilities physical analysis report for each public school posted electronically on the Internet. View report.

Section 302A-1405, HRS

Federal Grant Search, Development, and Application Revolving Fund

Annual report on the status of federal grant search, development and application revolving fund. View report.

Section 302A-1502.4

Hawaii 3Rs School Repair and Maintenance Fund

Annual report of progress of Hawaii School R & M fund. View report.

Section 304A-302, HRS

Annual Report on the Teacher Education Coordinating Committee

Report on activities relating to:1) The development of strong teacher training programs at accredited institutions of higher learning in Hawaii and; 2) Addressing issues and concerns regarding teacher preparation and other educational matters related to improving education in the State of Hawaii. View report.​


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