Legislative reports

The Department annually produces reports on the education-related bills and resolutions passed in the regular session from the previous year in the Hawaii State Legislature. Annual reports additionally requested by the Legislature are also produced. Archived reports can be accessed via links at the bottom of this page.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Reports for the 2022 Legislature​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Statute / Bill / Resolution
29-25(d), HRS
Impact Aid, USDOD Funds, and Indirect Overhead ReimbursementsView Report
37-41.5, HRSCarryover funds on a school-by-school basis​View Report
37-47, HRS
Act 87, SLH 2021
​Non-General Fund Reporting
​​​View Reports
Program Measures
Cost Elements
37-74 (d)(3), HRSTransfers Performed Between Programs and Agencies; Transfers of Appropriated Funds and Positions
View Report
​302A-430, 431, 440, HRS
​Coverage for Workers Compensation for Students
​Biennial Report
302A-443(e), HRSAdministrative Hearing Procedures and Subpoena Power Relating to the Education of Children with a DisabilityView Report
302A-450, HRSSPED and Title I-funded Public PreK ClassroomsView Report
302A-1004, HRSComprehensive Accountability System
​View Report
302A-1134, HRSMandatory Expulsion Policy for Possession of a Firearm​View Report
302A-1312, HRSSix-Year Program and Financial Plan for School Repair and MaintenanceView Report
302A-1405, HRS
Federal Grant Search, Development, and Application Revolving Fund​View Report
302A-1504.5, HRSSchool-level Minor Repairs and Maintenance Special Fund​View Report
302A-1510, HRSNet Zero Energy Goals
​​View Report
Act 100, SLH 1999
Goals, Objectives, Policies, Action Plan and Performance Measures​View Report
Act 155, SLH 2013
​Pilot Project for Lease of Public School Lands
View Report
​Act 158, SLH 2021
​Computer Science
View Report
Act 175, SLH 2021
Farm to School Meals
​View Report
Act 207, SLH 2018
Composting Grant Pilot Project Working GroupView Report
HCR 198, SLH 2018
DOE efforts to comply with Title IXView Report
304A-1202, HRS 
Teacher Education Coordinating Committee (TECC)
View Report
(filed by UH in 2021)


Authorizing Instrument
Report or Action Requested

​Act 205, SLH 2018

Quarterly Report on Autism Spectrum Disorder and Applied Behavior Analysis
January 2022


Authorizing Instrument


Report or Action Requested

487 N-4, HRS
​Discovery of a Security Breach of Information

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