Winners of the 2014 Student Television Awards for Excellence named


A hearty congratulations to Waianae High, Maui High and the Hawaii Student Television outreach program, who were honored for their excellent work by the regional chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences last month.


​​Entries were submitted by high schools with media programs in the San Francisco/Northern California chapter’s region — Visalia to the Oregon border including Reno, Nevada and Hawaii — for work done during the 2013-14 school year. The “Award for Excellence,” an engraved glass pillar, is presented to the school with each student recipient receiving a certificate. The “Award for Merit” each student receives a certificate.

Of the five awards for excellence awarded, Hawaii garnered two: both to Waianae High's Searider Productions. Of 20 merit certificates given, seven went to Hawaii. The Seariders won the second-highest total of awards with seven.

Waianae Searider Productions

  • Award of Excellence, Newscast, Searider News
    Shayla Ader, Kahunui Foster, Producers; Marcela Bator, Charlemaine Blue, Shayla Bradley, Crystal Cebedo, Jesa Delos-Reyes, Gary Domingo-Oka, Thomas Dupa, Tressa Hoppe, Kertsye Kau, Raeanna Labrador, Keani Malo, Kayla Manuel, Abreen Padaken, Monique Paogofie, Diamond Tuisano, News Staff; John Allen III, Advisor.

  • Award of Excellence, Serious News, “What's the Catch?”
    Crystal Cebedo, Reporter; Mahealani Nieto Lopes, Photographer; Shayla Ader, Editor; Kahunui Foster, Writer; John Allen III, Advisor.

  • Award of Merit, Light News, “Home Grown Eggs-ellence”
    Kahunui Foster, Reporter; Shayla Ader, Photographer; John Allen III, Advisor.

  • Award of Merit, Arts & Entertainment/Cultural Affairs, “Rising Son”
    ​Austin Kaulia, Producer; Keanu Lyau-Goodwin, Director; Gary Domingo-Oka, Head Photographer/Editor; William Domen, Writer; Sheaven Delima, Grip; John Allen III, Advisor. 

  • Award of Merit, Long Form-Fiction, “Day Dreamers”
    Shayla Bradley, Producer/Director; Kerstye Kau, Director of Photography/Editor; Tressa Hoppe, Writer; John Allen III, Advisor.

  • Award of Merit, Sports, “Heads Up”
    Diamond Tuisano, Reporter; Gary Domingo-Oka, Head Photographer/Editor; Raeanna Labrador, Photographer; Courtney Aboy, Writer; John Allen III, Advisor.

  • ​​
  • Award of Merit, Public Affairs/Community Service, “Think College”
    Shayla Bradley, Producer; Kerstye Kau, Director; Tressa Hoppe, Writer; John Allen III, Advisor.

Hawaii Student Television

Maui High School

  • Award of Merit, Serious News, “Hawaii: The 15th State”
    Michelle Gima, Reporter/Writer; Tristan Pascual, Camera; Victoria Gaxiola, Giel Tolentino, Camera/Editors; Clint Gima, Advisor.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) is the premier and most recognized non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of excellence in television. The Academy awards the EMMY®, the most prestigious, peer-judged honor in television for outstanding creative achievement. The Academy now serves all the television markets in the United States through its 20 chapters. The San Francisco/Northern California Chapter joining on October 6, 1961. Now one of the largest chapters, it represents California markets from Visalia to the Oregon border, Hawaii, and Reno, Nevada.

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