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 School Success Stories

Innovations at our schools — from learning approaches to facilities designs — are shaking up delivery of education and preparing more students for career, college and community life.



Waikele Elementary Academy Pathwayshttps://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/VisionForSuccess/SuccessStories/Schools/Pages/Waikele-Elementary-Academy-Pathways.aspxWaikele Elementary Academy PathwaysWaikele Elementary fully integrates academy pathways into their school design, preparing students for college, careers and community with explorative learning experiences that spark and shape student passion.string;#16-Apr-20192019-04-16T10:00:00.0000000Z
Farrington students take pride in ‘legacy’ project for World Surf Leaguehttps://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/VisionForSuccess/SuccessStories/Schools/Pages/farringtonWSLpartnership.aspxFarrington students take pride in ‘legacy’ project for World Surf League“This is our legacy. No other school can say they did something like this.”string;#16-Apr-20192019-04-16T10:00:00.0000000Z
Caring for Students the Barbers Point Elementary Wayhttps://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/VisionForSuccess/SuccessStories/Schools/Pages/The-Barbers-Point-Way.aspxCaring for Students the Barbers Point Elementary WayRosa Fanuaea's three children, who each have serious medical needs, attend Barbers Point Elementary, where Rosa says the staff takes extra care to ensure her children are properly cared for while in school.string;#24-Dec-20182018-12-24T10:00:00.0000000Z
9th graders at Wai‘anae High know 'We've got your back'https://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/VisionForSuccess/SuccessStories/Schools/Pages/WHS-9th-grade.aspx9th graders at Wai‘anae High know 'We've got your back'A few years ago, about a third of 9th graders at Wai‘anae High weren’t getting promoted to the 10th grade. Staff designed a framework of supports called “The R.I.D.E.” that tackled academics, behavior, and culture. Grade 9 misconduct incidents plummeted and the grade point average is now above the state average. Downstream, rising enrollment in early college, career pathway completion, and graduation rates show the strategy is working.string;#14-Sep-20182018-09-14T10:00:00.0000000Z
Culture of accountability results in academic successes at Kamehameha III Elementaryhttps://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/VisionForSuccess/SuccessStories/Schools/Pages/Kamehameha-III.aspxCulture of accountability results in academic successes at Kamehameha III ElementaryWith a mission of “Empowering students to improve the future,” King Kamehameha III Elementary has seen its achievement steadily climb in all subjects while maintaining high levels of growth. Principal Steve Franz says the school promotes a culture that values growth and teachers take ownership of all students.string;#04-Jun-20182018-06-04T10:00:00.0000000Z
College, career readiness strengthens at Maui Highhttps://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/VisionForSuccess/SuccessStories/Schools/Pages/Maui-High-2018-CCRI.aspxCollege, career readiness strengthens at Maui HighA strong commitment to Career and Technical Education and a robust partnership with UH-Maui College is expanding student horizons at Maui High School. More students are earning honors diplomas, finishing a CTE Program of Study, and enrolling in college courses while in high school. More Sabers are going to and staying in college than ever before. “Kids are taking ownership for their education,” said Principal Jamie Yap. string;#23-Apr-20182018-04-23T10:00:00.0000000Z
Central Middle connects students with royal pasthttps://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/VisionForSuccess/SuccessStories/Schools/Pages/Central-Middle-connects-students-with-royal-past.aspxCentral Middle connects students with royal pastIn celebration of Hawaiian Language Month and Princess Ruth Luka Keanolani Kanāhoahoa Keʻelikōlani's birthday on Feb. 9, HIDOE explores one school's connection to Hawaiʻi's royal past and how it is shaping the future of its students. string;#20-Feb-20182018-02-20T10:00:00.0000000Z
Climbing a mountain in Upcountry Maui paying off at King Kekaulikehttps://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/VisionForSuccess/SuccessStories/Schools/Pages/KKHS-17-StriveHI.aspxClimbing a mountain in Upcountry Maui paying off at King KekaulikeJust two years ago, the student readiness picture at King Kekaulike High was murky, as students struggled to demonstrate deep understanding of core subjects and the on-time graduation rate was running 11 points below the state’s. But what a difference two years makes. An all-in approach with interventions and co-teaching, among other efforts, is improving student outcomes.string;#22-Jan-20182018-01-22T10:00:00.0000000Z
Student voice ignites new literacy push at Keaukaha Elementaryhttps://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/VisionForSuccess/SuccessStories/Schools/Pages/Keaukaha-literacy.aspxStudent voice ignites new literacy push at Keaukaha ElementaryHow do you ignite the spark to start a lifelong love of reading? It's a key question, because literacy is a key building block in preparing students for life, and the more you read, the better you become. A yearlong effort at Keaukaha Elementary in Hilo is yielding a passionate response from students.string;#18-Dec-20172017-12-18T10:00:00.0000000Z
Public schools celebrate Computer Science education with an Hour of Codehttps://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/VisionForSuccess/SuccessStories/Schools/Pages/Public-schools-celebrate-Computer-Science-education-with-an-Hour-of-Code.aspxPublic schools celebrate Computer Science education with an Hour of CodeHour of Code events are being held during Computer Science Education Week from Dec. 4-10 at schools across the world to promote accessibility to computer science curriculum. Hawaii’s schools are celebrating with more than 170 registered events, 59 whole school events and two special events.string;#01-Dec-20172017-12-01T10:00:00.0000000Z


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