Strive HI Profile: Mokapu Elementary


One in an occasional series spotlighting the Department's Recognition schools for 2013-14 in the Strive HI Performance System, and getting the principal's insight into what they're doing right. What makes a great school tick? Read on!

Mokapu Elementary

The campus at Mokapu Elementary.

Editor's Note: Principal Keoni Wilhelm left the Department to move home to Maui in December 2014.
Mahalo nui loa for your service, principal!

Mokapu Elementary

Principal: Keoni Wilhelm

"With the MGM (Mokapu Growth Mindset), anything is possible!"
— Principal Wilhelm

When you look at your SY13-14 results, what are you most proud of?

Principal Wilhelm: I am most proud of our growth in reading and math.

What strategies, initiatives, efforts under way at your school helped contribute to or are critical to your success?

Principal Wilhelm: There are many. All faculty and staff have a clear focus in contributing to growth in all areas of our profile. Our Instructional Leadership Team collaborates, examines “real” data to make informed decisions on best teaching practices and plan for future professional development for teachers. Our tightened systems around the six priority strategies​ have contributed to our success, especially with CSSS (RTI).

What are you focused on this year (SY 2014-15) to continue your success?

Principal Wilhelm: To make our SY 14-15 even more successful, we are focused around data-driven decision making teams that will follow a specific, proven process to examine student work, apply instructional strategies and monitor student learning in response to the enacted strategies.

School profile

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About Recognition Schools

Schools in the Department's Strive HI System achieve "Recognition" — the highest step — based on their status as either a High-Performing or High-Progress school. Federal parameters limit Recognition to no more than 5 percent of all Hawaii schools.

High- Performing School criteria

  • Meet or exceed annual targets for all student groups
  • Graduation rates in top 10 percent of all high schools
  • Current year gap rate less than 30 percent

High-Progress School criteria

  • Increases of 15 percent or higher of all students’ proficiency over three years
  • Highest increases in grad rates (top 10 percent of schools with increase of 10 percent over three years)
  • Reduction of gap between High-Needs and Non-High Need student groups by 10 percent or more over 3 years (cannot meet gap reduction by lowering performance of non-High Needs group.)


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