Programs with Affiliation Agreements (AA)

Preparation programs listed on this site have obtained an AA with the Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) required to place candidates in HIDOE schools. This agreement identifies the roles and responsibilities of the program, school and candidate prior to and during the placement period.


The AA does not guarantee that candidates completing an educator program listed on this site will be approved for a Hawaii teacher, school counselor or school librarian license. Questions regarding whether a program meets requirements for a Hawaii license, including out-of-state, online and "alternative route" programs, should be directed to the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board (HTSB) at​. HTSB issues individuals their Hawaii teacher, counselor and librarian license.  

​​​​​​Candidates from preparation programs listed on this site may participate in the following activities:

  • Field: A range of formal activities (e.g., observation and participation, shadowing, etc.).
  • Clinical: A range of intensive formal activities (e.g., student teaching, internship, etc.).

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Consider only programs listed on this site for the placement of candidates. Revisit this site each time a request for placement is made as programs may be added or removed throughout the year. Note: As programs renew their agreements, the Agreement Expiration dates will be updated.

Preparation Program
For information on the process and requirements to obtain a formal agreement, contact Dale Asami, Personnel Specialist, Office of Human Resources: 808-441-8339 or email

If your program is not listed on this site, refer your program contact person to Dale Asami, Personnel Specialist, Office of Human Resources: 808-441-8339 or email, regarding a formal agreement. Do not attempt to seek placement with a DOE school.

Licensure Information
Teacher, counselor or librarian candidates are responsible to verify with his/her preparation program whether the program area enrolled in leads to a license in the preparation program's home state. An individual may apply for a Hawaii license based on a program or license from another state. Refer to the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board (HTSB) for more details:​.​

Employment Information

  • For teacher, counselor or librarian positions, please contact the Teacher Recruitment Section at: Phone: 808-441-8444, Email:
  • For non-educator positions (e.g., Occupational/Physical Therapists, etc.), please contact the Classified/Support Services Personnel Section at: Phone: 808-441-8411, Email:

Preparation Program Affiliation Agreement (AA)

Preparation programs are required to obtain an AA with the Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) prior to the placement of candidates at HIDOE sites.  Click here to view a list of programs with an AA, required processes and other information.

Contact Information

Dale Asami

Phone: 808-441-8339


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