HIDOE COVID-19 Information and Updates

The Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) is working closely with the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) on COVID-19 guidance for our students, teachers, parents and staff.

Last updated: 4/7/20

During the extended closure, HIDOE will provide student grab-and-go breakfast and lunch at select schools to children 18 years and under. Children must be present.

The Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) is working closely with the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) on COVID-19 guidance for our students, teachers, parents and staff. In close coordination with DOH, existing HIDOE emergency response plans are being adapted for future implementation when needed. Detailed communications from schools are planned to keep parents notified should the situation arise. Please view the COVID-19 resources below and learn about specific steps you can take to avoid it.



Click here for COVID-19 related memos and notices available to staff.

Recommended Resources

Please stay informed with credible sources such as the State of Hawaii COVID-19 siteDOH and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Additional resources include:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions Regarding Students and Schools

Q: If a student is placed on a 14-day home monitoring by the DOH, how would that student's absences be marked?
A: The absences would be marked as "excused."

Q: If an employee or student has been exposed, what notifications should go out to the worksite/school community?
A: Should this occur, DOH will work with HIDOE regarding communication to the school community.

Q: What should HIDOE do if someone does not follow DOH guidance on COVID-19 (e.g. comes to school/work with symptoms or despite quarantine)?
A: Persons being monitored at home under DOH supervision will be advised to seek medical care if they develop symptoms. If a person under monitoring without symptoms comes to school, they should be sent home as soon as possible. If a person under home monitoring with symptoms comes to school, if possible, have the student or staff member wear a surgical mask, keep the person isolated, and advise the person to seek medical care (person should notify health care provider of travel to China). If either of these situations occur, please notify DOH immediately.

Questions Regarding HIDOE Staff

Q: How will the DOH notify HIDOE about staff who are being monitored?
A: If a student or school staff member has been screened at the airport and identified for home monitoring, the DOH will be contacting the school. If a non-school (e.g. State or District Office) HIDOE employee has been screened and identified for home monitoring, he/she will be provided with a flyer that tells them to stay home to monitor their health and it is that employee's responsibility to notify his/her supervisor in HIDOE; i.e. the DOH will not be contacting HIDOE (employer).

Q: How will personal leave be accounted for during quarantine or home monitoring for HIDOE staff (ie. should this be counted towards sick leave)?
A: Administrative leave may be available to those employees who are asymptomatic, but must miss work because they have been screened and identified for home monitoring. If an employee has symptoms of illness and misses work, they should use sick leave.

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