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The Department’s state-level offices are responsible for curriculum management, compliance with state and federal regulations, student testing and support, data management, civil rights, education reform, military outreach and Department-wide communications. Each reports directly to either the Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent. The 15 Complex Area Superintendents report to the Deputy Superintendent.

​State leaders

Meet the state leadership team of Hawaii's public school system.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Office of the Superintendent

The Superintendent of Education is responsible for efficiently and effectively administering the public school system in accordance with law and educational policies adopted by the Board of Education. These offices report to the Office of the Superintendent:

The Communications Office supports the executive function of the Superintendent by streamlining and maximizing internal and external communications for the public school system, with an emphasis on promoting the mission, goals and objectives set forth in the Strategic Plan. The Office is aligned around four key areas: External Communications, Internal Communications, Media Relations and Government Relations. Contact: 808-586-3232, or​.
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The Community Engagement Office ensures that the Department establishes and maintains effective working relationships and partnerships with a variety of private agencies, parents, public, and community that support schools. It is charged with cultivating community schools, defined as both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources that deliver an integration of academics, services, supports and opportunities. Responsibilities include Corporate & Community Partnerships, Community Children's Councils, School Community Councils, A+ Program, Hawaii Keiki Initiative, the R.E.A.C.H. Initiative​, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, and more. Contact: 808-348-3944.

The CRCO​ addresses discrimination in the department​, and promotes equal opportunity in educational programs and activities for students and in employment for applicants and employees. It is responsible for the Department compliance with State and Federal non-discrimination laws. It conducts internal administrative investigations of alleged violations and, when feasible, provides training on general civil rights issues. The office coordinates with the Board of Education in establishing and maintaining rules of conduct commonly associated with bullying. The office also coordinates with the Attorney General on Department litigation. We believe that every child should learn in an environment free from discrimination, and every employee should thrive in a workplace that embraces diversity, excellence and respect. Contact: 808-586-3322.

The Internal Audit Office​ provides independent, objective assurance and consulting services to add value and improve the Department’s operations and internal control structures. Its primary responsibilities include reviewing the effectiveness of the internal control structure, identifying opportunities for process and control improvements that would mitigate risk exposures, monitoring compliance with laws, regulations, policies and procedures, investigating allegations of fraudulent and/or unethical behavior, and sharing best practices throughout the Department. The Internal Audit Office presents directly before the Superintendent and Board of Education the results of its reviews. Contact: 808-586-3325.

Designed to increase attention and support around the development of effective school, complex area and state leaders, with a focus on reshaping the culture for learning in schools to achieve lasting, sustainable conditions for student success. Effective school leadership is the key to establishing and sustaining new beliefs, attitudes and behaviors among employees who have the most direct influence and control over student learning and achievement. Learn more about the Institute's programs and services. Contact: 808-305-4461.

Evaluates the Department’s compliance with federal laws, U.S. Department of Education requirements, and Board of Education administrative rules and policies related to the implementation of ongoing federally funded programs. It serves as the primary contact with federal program officials regarding the state educational agency’s responsibilities outlined in these programs — Dispute Resolution Procedures required under the Individuals with Disabilities Act and Chapter 60, HAR, and the complaints processes applicable under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended. The office provides technical assistance on grant compliance to Department staff. Contact: 808-586-3447.

Manages the Department’s accounting, budget​ and procurement activities and systems to serve the needs of the schools, complex areas and the central office. Responsible for developing and implementing long-term and short-term financial activities; leading the department’s accounting, budgeting and procurement operations; and providing timely, accurate and user-friendly information and reports in each of the respective areas, with clear guidelines and procedures that are aligned with the Strategic Plan. Contact: 808-586-3737.

Exercises technical oversight of information and telecommunication systems, facilities, and services of the public school system and department-wide operations to ensure that information technology and telecommunications support are being provided efficiently and effectively, and in accordance with laws, policies, and accepted principles of management. Contact: 808-586-3307.

Exercises technical staff oversight of business, construction and maintenance of facilities, food services and transportation support for the public school system. Develops and administers administrative rules and regulations, publishes operational guidelines and provides related in-service training, monitoring and technical assistance to schools to ensure that the support is being provided in accordance with laws, policies and accepted principles of management. Contact: 808-784-5000.

Designed to systemize and support ongoing cycles of continuous improvement. Includes assessments, data governance and data analysis​ efforts​​​. Contact: 808-586-3400​.
The former Office of Human Resources has been renamed Office of Talent Management to reflect a strategic and thoughtful approach to develop and protect our greatest asset, our employees. The approach is focused on Talent Aquisition, Talent Development and Talent Retention — the lifetime experience of an employee while in the organization. Operationally, OTM administers a comprehensive personnel program for certificated, classified and casual employees of the public school system; develops and administers administrative rules and regulations; publishes operational guidelines; and provides centralized employment and personnel administration services to schools, district and state offices. Contact: 808-441-8300.

Office of the Deputy Superintendent

The Deputy Superintendent assists the Superintendent of Education in executing duties and responsibilities of the office, and is delegated authority to act for the Superintendent of Education. The Deputy Superintendent is responsible for leading, directing and supervising the academic/education programs of the Department of Education. These offices report to the Deputy Superintendent:

All Department schools are rolled into what's known as a Complex: A high school and the elementary and middle schools that feed into it. Anywhere from two to four Complexes are grouped into a Complex Area, which has its own Complex Area Superintendent (CAS) and support staff. View Complex Area directory.

A flexible organization which supports student learning via systemwide accountability, systems requirements, standards-based curriculum, instruction, and student support. This includes primary responsibility for coordination and implementation of the Department’s initiatives to meet the requirements for state and federal mandates. Contact: 808-586-3446.

Develops and implements initiatives and programs to facilitate interaction between the Department and the Islands’ military community through the Joint Venture Education Forum and other identified community groups. View information for our Military Families. Contact: 808-271-5724​.

STB is responsible for building capacity and providing supplementary support to the schools identified in the lowest performing 15 percent of Hawaii’s public schools as determined through the Strive HI Performance System​. STB will coordinate school improvement efforts in line with the Department’s Strategic Plan​ and the U.S. Department of Education’s turnaround principles. This includes:
  • ​support for conducting comprehensive needs assessments to evaluate school needs;
  • supporting the development of schools’ comprehensive improvement plans;
  • supporting the development of academic plans;
  • provision of supplementary resources based on need; and
  • coordination of professional development and professional learning communities of school and complex area staff.
Addresses academic/educational issues that are significant to the Department and that impacts several offices. These projects include operational, technical, and project management projects that support the missions and strategic plans of the Department. Special Projects also support the Department by administering ongoing U.S. Department of Education funded programs. This office serves as the primary Department contact with federal program officials regarding state education agency responsibilities outlined in federally funded education programs and provides guidance and monitoring functions to Department staff implementing such programs.

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