Kamehameha Schools

The state’s largest private trust and the Department collaborate on educational improvements on the Waianae Coast.

​​The Ka Pua Initiative teams the Department with Kamehameha Schools to increase reach and impact of its trust to educate children of Hawaiian ancestry. Though it delivers a quality education to thousands of Hawaiians, it cannot hope to reach all Hawaiian children through its private school network. 

The vision for Kamehameha Schools' Ka Pua Initiative is that all children on the Waianae Coast are connected to place, supported in learning, and succeeding as tomorrow's local and global leaders. The program also provides outreach to children in Neighbor Island communities.

Launched in 2009, the long-term goals of Ka Pua is to deepen the support and increase the intergenerational impact of its trust through three strategies:

  1. Intensively support needle-moving collaborations focused on key impact areas for student success, which includes building capacity among key providers on the Waianae Coast.
  2. Ensure schools are centers of the community, providing effective learning opportunities, integrated supports for students and, more importantly, an unshakeable commitment to student success.
  3. Build two state-of-the-art community learning centers that provide excellent programming and anchor collaborative, capacity-building strategies.

Strategic Plan 2017-2020

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