Parents and Students

The teachers and staff at Hawaii’s public schools provide a rigorous, standards-based education, but success in education, college and career is driven by parent and student engagement. You’re not doing it alone: We’re here to help. In this section, find everything you need to know about Hawaii’s public schools, resources for students and parents, and resources for military and families new to Hawaii.



Grade-Level Overview OverviewOur schools provide a clear path toward career, college and community readiness.
Enrolling in School in SchoolEverything you need to know about enrolling your child in Hawaii public schools.
Contests & Enrichment & EnrichmentFind programs, contests and other free opportunities available to students and schools.
Support for Students for StudentsResources for students who want to help drive their education.
Military Families FamiliesAbout 8 percent of our students are military connected. Get resources here.
Moving to Hawaii to HawaiiE Komo Mai! Resources for those moving to the Aloha State.
Anti-Bullying Work WorkWe emphasize a culture of respect, responsibility and resiliency.
Support for Parents for ParentsResources for parents and caregivers of students in public schools.

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