Program requirements for Competency-Based diploma

In order to fulfill the requirements for successful completion of the Competency-Based Community School Diploma Program, a student must complete two phases of the program — Academic and Career Options.

​​Academic — Phase 1

  1. Students must attend classes regularly. Each student must be present at a minimum of 75 percent of the total number of class sessions for each unit in order to fulfill this requirement.
  2. Students must complete the required number of student tasks before taking the Unit Test in any of the five knowledge areas.
  3. Students must score 70 percent or better on the Unit Test in order to pass each unit.
  4. Students must score 70 percent or better on the CBCSDP Mastery Test as the final requirement to pass Phase I.

Career — Phase 2

The student must decide before the end of the first unit, which of the career choices he/she intends to pursue.

  1. Advanced Academic: The student must be enrolled in an accredited post secondary school.
  2. Occupational/Vocational:
    • Employment: The student must be gainfully employed on a regular basis for not less than 100 hours over a period of at least three months. A letter verifying employment must be submitted to the school.
    • Obtain or possess a marketable skill: The student must submit a state license, certificate of completion or other official document indicating that he/she has a marketable skill or is enrolled in an acceptable training program.
  3. Home Management: After passing the Mastery Test, the student must demonstrate to a Board of Examiners, by means of an oral examination, whether he/she has acquired the skills necessary to manage a household effectively (including nutrition, first aid, personal hygiene and good health practices, family care, household legal issues, etc.).
  4. Life Management: Upon passing the Mastery test, the student must pass an oral interview administered by a panel of examiners demonstrating that he/she possesses the ability and skills to effectively manage his/ her life (including issues involving, health, consumer economics, time management, anger management, goal setting, etc.).

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