Malama Honua

Mālama Honua is the Worldwide Voyage of the Polynesian sailing canoes Hōkule‘ā and Hikianalia, with a mission to explore and spread learning grounded in culture, leadership, navigation, ocean, sustainability and voyaging. It is a journey of transformation and self-discovery that aims to inspire communities everywhere to rethink and engage.


“The best place to think about the fate of our planet is right here in the Islands.
If we can create a model for well-being here in Hawai‘i, we can make a contribution to the entire world.”

— Master navigator Nainoa Thompson, relating the vision of
Hawai‘i-born astronaut Lacy Veach during one of his missions,
as the space shuttle soared over the Hawaiian Islands.


The voyage of the Hōkule‘ā and Hikianalia is an invitation to students, educators, our Island community and the world to explore values that will “Mālama Honua” — care for the planet. If we can live sustainably and in harmony on a canoe, and on an island, we can and will extend those practices for “Island Earth.”

Launched in May 2014, the vessels are sailing the world's oceans using only traditional means — guided by the stars, wind and currents. They will sail more than 47,000 nautical miles, visiting 26 countries and 85 ports of call over three years. Hōkule‘ā's journey will be pan-global, while Hikianalia will be pan-Pacific. View the sail plan​.

The educational journey began with Mālama Hawai‘i, a tour of the Hawaiian Islands that included visits with more than 20,000 schoolchildren and their teachers to connect the community to the values and mission of the voyage. That culminated on Nov. 4, 2013 with the “Promise to Children” — a partnership of Hawaii education representatives and the Polynesian Voyaging Society to support and collaborate on community-based education aligned with the voyage.

Preparing our youth for college, careers, and their communities is not independent of the world they reside in and will someday lead. Steered by the Promise, the voyage presents a unique opportunity to inspire and engage our students, families, communities — and each other.

Success St​​ories

  • Lunalilo Elementary​ adopted the Worldwide Voyage with project-based and cultural learning across all grades.


  • Mālama Honua Learning Center
    The Polynesian Voyaging Society and its educational partners launched the Learning Center website to support learners of all ages to build creative solutions for Hawaii and the world. It’s an interactive portal allowing students and educators to ask questions of the crew, download curricular resources and share their own curriculum and stories.
  • Google+ Community
    ​Mālama Honua will include at least one Google Hangout monthly and post multimedia, lessons and more on its Google+ Community. We encourage anyone in the community to join — and share with your friends and family!
  • Department resources
    The Department is supporting the Promise by creating resources for schools and teachers who want to engage students in Mālama Honua-related learning. Department employees are encouraged to log in to the Intranet to connect with our Mālama Honua site and project team members.

Where are they now?

View the interactive map tracking the vessels.


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Camille Masutomi, Manuwai Peters, Marlene Zeug

Phone: 808-754-4201


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