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NGSS will help the Department prepare students for the evolving field of science.


Our Vision: “Hawaii’s students are educated, healthy and joyful lifelong learners who contribute positively to our community and global society.” Here you’ll find the goals, programs, standards and exams that we have cultivated in collaboration with teachers, parents, state and national leaders to make this vision a reality for Hawaii’s keiki.



Financial Literacy LiteracyHelping students to develop the capacity to manage financial resources effectively.
English Language Learners Language LearnersFor our multicultural state, we offer resources to support students new to English.
Malama Honua HonuaMālama Honua is a journey to inspire communities everywhere to rethink and engage.
Personalized Learning LearningHow the Comprehensive Student Support System helps students meet their potential.
School Schedules SchedulesBy law, Hawaii's public schools must meet minimum student hours.
Arts develop visually literate and aesthetically sensitive skills.
Career and Technical Education and Technical EducationExplore how we tie learning to workplace realities to prepare students for careers.
Future Ready Learning Ready LearningTeaching and learning is not confined to the four walls of a classroom.
STEM, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math education prepare children for the future.
Hawaii Common Core Common CoreEnglish Language Arts and literacy in history, science, technical subjects and math.
Hawaiian Education EducationLearn about Hawaiian Studies across the K-12 system, and our Hawaiian immersion schools.
Graduation Requirements RequirementsWhat students need to do to earn a diploma from Hawaii's public high schools.
Learner Outcomes OutcomesThe six goals we set for all students of public schools.

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