Behavioral Supports

Schools use the Comprehensive Student Support System to provide proactive, positive, customized and timely interventions, services and support — compassionately — so all students will succeed to their greatest potential.

​Support for parents

Connect with resources to address your child's behavioral or learning challenges.

​​​​​​​​About the CSSS

The Comprehensive Student Support System (CSSS) ensures that ALL students achieve to their greatest potential when school administrators, students, teachers, staff, families, and school communities work together in compassionate, nurturing, and efficient partnerships. The major components of CSSS are:

  • High quality instructional leadership
  • Curriculum, instruction and assessment
  • Comprehensive student supports continuum.

It is the skillful integration and the implementation integrity and fidelity of the foregoing three components that ensures success for the whole child, his/her family and the school community. The electronic Comprehensive Student Support System (eCSSS) serves as the database system that allows schools and complexes to identify, monitor and track student concerns over time.

Student Services Coordinators (SSC)

Restraints and Seclusions brochure

Please take a moment to read this pamphlet about the use of Restraints and Seclusions.

The school's SSC serves as a catalyst for bringing together school-based resources with targeted community resources to support students. The SSCs implement a system to address barriers to learning so all students have an equal opportunity to achieve at school. Success in this role requires interdisciplinary leadership and skills development training to effectively coordinate resources and engaging families and communities.

Staff ​​​resources

DOE employees can access CSSS services and resources​ on the Intranet. Login is required. 

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Jennifer Renfro

Phone: 808-305-9787


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