Strategic Plan

Student success is at the core of the Department of Education and Board of Education (DOE/BOE) Strategic Plan, which sets targets for progress tied to three goals. In 2016, we are embarking on a review and extension of the plan. Join the conversation and take the survey at

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the plan

Strategic Plan

​​​​​As the state's guide that catalyzes success in the Department, the Strategic Plan focuses on three goals: 

  • Student Success: All students demonstrate they are on a path toward success in college, career and citizenship.
  • Staff Success: The Department has a high-performing culture where employees have the training, support and professional development to contribute effectively to student success.
  • Successful Systems of Support: The system and culture of the Department work to effectively organize financial, human, and community resources in support of student success.

The Board of Education monitors the Department's progress on the measures of the plan through its aligned committees (Student Achievement, Human Resources, Finance and Infrastructure) to increase accountability and efficiency. ​The plan is put into action statewide through the 6 Priority Strategies​.

Your input sought for 2016 review & extension​

This year, the DOE and BOE are embarking on a review and extension of the Strategic Plan. To better realize the plan's three goals that are foundational to quality education, we will work with the community to understand progress, challenges and lessons learned during the past five years, and take advantage of opportunities to develop new strategies to support student success.


​During the past five years, the Strategic Plan has enabled progress: chronic absenteeism has dropped, students are taking more challenging courses (Advanced Placement, Early College), and college enrollment is up. But we need to graduate more students, and too few of our students with high needs are achieving at high levels.

Learn more about the plan and outreach effort here. Thank you for your participation and guidance in this effort to support quality education for all students.


DOE leaders are collecting input via public comment at BOE meetings​, and targeted meetings with stakeholder groups — teachers, students, charter schools, business community, philanthropy, unions, legislators, and others. Your voice is critical — take the online survey (until May 31) at our community conversation blog, where you can also post your ideas on how to support student success. Pictured: Feedback gathered at the final 2016 Hawaii State Student Council meeting. You can sign up for email updates from the Strategic Plan team here​.

  • April - June: Statewide focus groups, interviews, online survey, and broad commuinty input to define student success and how to support it.
  • June: Draft of Key Concepts.
  • July - October: DOE, BOE and community meetings to ensure state strategies support the updated definition of student success, school and community innovations, professional development, leadership and more.
  • December: Strategic Plan review and extension complete.  
​​Community conversation

​What does high quality education look like? What is student success, and how can we support that? We're asking students, teachers, and stakeholders as we update the state's Strategic Plan. Visit the community conversation blog at​ and join the conversation at #HIqualityed​.

We encourage you to organize your own focus group to gather feedback on the Strategic Plan review. Resources for various audiences:

​Email updates

In the news​

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6 Priority Strategies

To operationalize the Strategic Plan across state offices, districts and schools, the Department crafted the 6 Priority Strategies to establish a framework, allowing the delivery of targeted staffing and other supports to Complex Areas and schools. They are:

  • Academic Review Teams: Charged with planning, doing, checking (monitoring), and taking action (next steps) for strategic projects and initiatives, with regular routines in place that facilitate dialogue and action around student outcomes aligned with the Strategic Plan. These routines are focused on achieving measurable success.
  • Common Core: A set of clear and relevant learning standards in mathematics and English Language Arts to prepare students for college, career and community success. Hawaii Common Core empowers students to think critically and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. Learn more.
  • Comprehensive Student Support System: Implementing a proactive student behavior support system that enables students to reach their full potential, with a focus on personalized classroom climate and instruction, family/community networks, crisis assistance and a formalized Response to Intervention — screening, progress monitoring, data-driven decision making and deployment of supports. Learn more.
  • Formative Instruction/Data Teams: Teachers collaborate to share ideas regarding student performance to improve instruction and increase achievement. Schools provide supports and tools to enable this environment.
  • Educator Effectiveness: Teachers will receive feedback, support, and evaluation on four components: student growth, student learning objectives, a student survey, and classroom observations conducted by trained evaluators. Learn more.
  • Induction & Mentoring: Establishing a formal system of identifying and cultivating mentors who can assist new teachers, providing professional development and training for each, and establishing a framework of support for teachers in their first three years of practice. Learn more.


As part of the Board's monitoring of HIDOE in measuring its effectiveness in meeting Strategic Plan objectives, HIDOE would regularly provide updates via scorecards aligned to the plan's primary goals. Indicators will likely change after the review and extension process (above) is finished. A final scorecard will be issued in the fall to measure results for the 2015-16 school year based on the plan's existing indicators. Posted here are the most recent scorecards released.

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