Strive HI System Steps

Using the Strive HI Index, schools will be placed on one of five steps as they strive for continuous improvement. Each step involves various levels of rewards and supports, targeting the exigencies of the school.

​3. Targeted rewards and supports

Under No Child Left Behind, schools faced a series of escalating federal consequences that were not tailored to schools needs. The required actions were disconnected from Hawaii’s other reform efforts and did not reflect emerging best practice and success from Hawaii’s turnaround schools.

Under the Strive HI Performance System, information from the Strive HI Index will be used to place each school on one of 5 Steps as they strive for continuous improvement. The 5 Steps, shown in the graphic above, are designed to:

  • Consistently differentiate rewards, supports and interventions and strategically deploy resources when and where they are most needed.
  • Provide the highest-performing schools with recognition, financial awards and administrative flexibility to sustain success.
  • Provide schools with supports and interventions based on the lessons learned from the successful efforts to turnaround low-performing schools in Hawaii’s Zones of School Innovation.
  • Prioritize intense state support for the lowest-performing schools to catalyze significant improvements.

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