Strive HI System Targets

The first of three components of the Strive HI Performance System, the Goals and Annual Targets set ambitious but attainable growth and achievement levels for schools.

​​​​​​​​1. Goals and Annual Targets: AMOs

Under No Child Left Behind, all schools were expected to meet incremental Adequate Yearly Progress targets toward a national goal of 100% student proficiency in math and reading by 2014.

Under the Strive HI Performance System, the Department replaces those NCLB requirements with new goals and annual targets, known as Annual Measureable Objectives (AMOs). These goals and targets, which are aligned with the State Strategic Plan​, are ambitious to reflect our belief that all students can achieve college- and career-readiness, while providing schools with challenging but attainable targets that reflect their current performance. AMOs are provided at the complex level and can be viewed here​.

  • High School Graduation Rates: The statewide goal is a 90 percent high school graduation rate by SY 2017-18, with annual targets toward that goal.
  • English Language Arts/Literacy, Math and Science Proficiency Rates: Goals for ELA, math and science proficiency are customized for each school complex to recognize current challenges and reinforce the importance of collaborating as a K-12 community. For each school complex, the goal is to reduce by half the percent of non-proficient students in ELA, math and science by SY 2017-18.​ The above chart reflects a represenative sample based on statewide performance.


  • Schools use complex-wide AMOs to inform supports and interventions for subgroups of students.
  • Schools need to meet a benchmark participation of 95 percent, or could see their points in the Strive HI System impacted under the proficiency measure.
  • AMOs inform classification decisions in the Strive HI Steps. In order to be classified as a high-performing Recognition School or to exit Priority status, a school needs to meet or exceed all AMOs (in addition to other criteria). 

​Strive HI System Index​​​

​The next step in the performance system​ sets a series of scaling measures to understand school performance.​

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